Lady Gaga Dresses Up As Regular Human

September 8, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

Lady Gaga is always looking for the next thing to shock her “little monsters” and she has managed to do it this month without dressing up like any part of a Grand Slam breakfast. Gaga posed for Harper’s Bazaar without costume, raw meat, soda can curlers, make up, OR her hair done up.

“I don’t really view it as ‘natural,'” Gaga stated. “I think that artifice is the new reality. It’s more about just being honest and sincere to the core of what you do. Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.”

Yeah, whatever you say Gaga. We’re still always going to remind of the time you dressed up as a normal human being for this cover.

–Kat Bremhorst

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