Project Runway Season 9 Episode 7: Team Chaos. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

September 9, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Television

This season on Project Runway all Heidi has to say is “Team Challenge” and everyone seems to go in to a tizzy. Designers (ahem, Josh) become shrews, flying into rages and spewing nasty to all those in their paths; others, who shall not be named, mutter expletives under their breath, while the remaining designers seem to get swept up in the madness and tend to blame all their woes on others and degrade each others’ designs. With all the drama that ensues with team challenges it’s no wonder every other episode features one and this one was definitely a doozy. The teams were two sets of five with no leader. Each team was assigned with the task of putting on a complete and cohesive runway show. The designers would need to create a print, film scenes for the backdrop of the runway, as well as design and complete five runway looks making a complete, unified collection. A lot to do, but the designers had two full days to complete the challenge.

Rose Byrne and Rachel Roy

Team Chaos, ironically named since they got along swimmingly, was Anthony, Anya, Viktor, Olivier, and Bryce. They created three black and white prints that, while different, came from the same abstract idea of the inkblot tests. Anthony even went so far as to blot paint on his fabric to further enhance the look. While the end result was a success, I think he may have done it because the judges raved so much about Josh’s painted fabric from last week’s challenge. The designers seemed to mess well with one another, offering praise and criticism when needed. Their camaraderie seemed to encourage each designer to do their best. And the best they certainly did. Olivier tailored a jacket that was, as Michael Kors said, the best he’s seen in Project Runway history. Anya’s mini dress was something guest judge Rose Byrne would wear, and other guest judge, Rachel Roy, loved their splash of color to the black and white prints. Even critical Nina could only complain about the lack of polish given to the model’s hair and make-up.

Team Nuts & Bolts, on the other hand, was so completely opposite from team Chaos, it’s a wonder they had time to put a show together at all. While Tim was able to rally the team into working together the second day, the first day was such a disaster that even their theme was one that should have been scrapped. Each print was over sized and literal of their ‘clocks’ theme that it seemed childish difficult to create a serious garment. Becky, who made three skirts in each of their three prints, didn’t come up with a decent one and should have followed Kim’s lead who created a look that didn’t include a print. Laura’s jumpsuit (yes, another jumpsuit!) also lacked in the prints department expect for a hideous belt that exclaimed “delay.” Bert’s design, although superbly cut, was a dress that looked like it was made out of bed sheets.

The obvious team win went to team Chaos, but without a leader there was no obvious winner. With Bryce’s design being the only outfit that wasn’t up to par, each of the designers claimed themselves as being the one deserving of the win. But Bryce and the judges loved Anya’s mini dress and her “eye for prints” and awarded her her first Project Runway win. She’s not letting her lack of sewing skills slow her down. Even though her dress was cute, I absolutely loved Olivier’s jacket and, maybe this is my crush talking (I love the sweet, quiet type), but I think he should have won.

Having known that team Nuts & Bolts was going to lose from the beginning, it was only a question of which team member would be going home. The two options were Josh and Becky, who have been in the bottom before, Josh because his taste is questionable and Becky because she bores the judges. While the episode certainly focused entirely on Josh and his choice to choose career over family, made it seem as if he would be the one booted, it was actually Becky who said goodbye. Even though she thought her little slip of a jacket would save her boring, stead, completely uninteresting outfit from elimination, it didn’t.

Anya's Design -"You are the winner"

Becky, "You are Out!"

Memorable Quotes

I feel like people with dirty mouths are unintelligent. –Josh
I think Joshua woke up on the wrong side of the bed. –Becky
It’s either going to look like a cow or look like an inkblot test. –Anthony
I’m sorry but that skirt looks like Judy Jetson with a vacuum cleaner. –Laura
I’m just so happy I’m not on that team. –Anya
Quite frankly, get rid of as much of your ego as you can. –Tim
Can you all join hands? –Tim
We’ve got Tim doing prayers, that may be a Project Runway first. –Anthony
This shirt is going to scream up there. I figure if things don’t go well, I’ll distract them. –Josh
It was like a hooker’s convention. –Michael Kors
You wanted to jump right into the ugly. –Michael Kors
Not a lot of women want to have canceled on their crotch. –Michael Kors
Times a tickin’ when you’re wearing that dress. –Michael Kors
All of the three prints are horrible. –Nina

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– Bonnie J. Brown

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