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September 12, 2011 • Get It Now, Magazine

Until this spring, colored denim was considered the province of soccer moms and probably best left in our memories of the late eighties and early nineties, when matching your jeans to your denim jacket to your scrunchie was actually a good idea. However, fashion has come full-circle and a rainbow of colored denim is available this fall. Here’s how to wear it without triggering painful style memories.

There are two main ways to rock the colored denim – you can keep it neutral and pair your bold jeans with black, white, and various shades of gray, or you can play into another key trend by color-blocking your denim with another bright hue (note: this second option can be considered advanced fashion and should be attempted only by the confident).

Red jeans are perhaps the hottest hue this coming season and a great way to integrate colored denim into your wardrobe since bright red works with so many shades. Start with a form-fitting pair like Joe’s Chelsea skinny jeans, or mix it up with flares like these by J Brand. Add a simple black tee and either or a bold necklace or animal print belt, throw on some black booties, and you’re ready to go. This gray and black skinny calf hair belt or the Love Me-Knot mesh necklace from J.Crew would both work well.

One way to ease yourself into color-blocking is add a bright scarf, like this cobalt blue fringed piece from Madewell (a bright magenta would also be a good selection). The truly bold can try making a statement with a pattern, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs jungle print silk top.

Of course, red isn’t the only popular hue for denim this fall – variations on these looks with royal blue or purple, or a bright kelly green would be equally excellent. However, we suggest that you leave matching jackets in the closet of the past, where they belong.

1. Joe’s Chelsea Skinny Jeans, $158
2. J Brand Mid Rise Flare Leg Stretch Jeans, $167
3. J.Crew Skinny Calf Hair Belt, $60
4. J.Crew Love Me-Knot Mesh Necklace, $69
5. Madewell Sunset Horizon Scarf, $39.50
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle Silk Top, $278

—Jacqueline Zenn

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