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September 30, 2011 • Beauty, Fashion Blog, Trends

Nail Inc.'s Magnetic Attraction line

Here’s a little nail news to perk up your Friday morning! Nail art trends have been making waves both on and off the runways, especially patterned sticker prints that can be easily applied and last for up to two weeks. Minx was one of the trailblazers of the trend, followed by the budget-friendly Sally Hansen and most recently, we’ve been loving the sparkle and shine strips provided by nail art Incoco after being turned on to them by Robert Verdi during fashion week.

But if you still prefer polish as your tried and true method to perk up your piggies, you may want to start going magnetic. Magnetic nail polishes have reportedly been out for the past few years, according to, and essentially consist of a shimmering aubergine lacquer with tiny metallic particles in the polish that, when exposed to a specialized magnet built into the bottom of the bottle, form a star pattern on the surface. Lancôme was the original brand to release this type of formula four years ago, called Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design, and it sold out immediately. It was a limited edition that sold out almost as quickly as it appeared. Now, two European-based brands,  Germany’s LCN and London’s Nails Inc. (the latter of which just arrived in the U.S. via Sephora), have both unveiled similarly magnetic lines.

Nail Inc.’s line, Magentic Attraction, features three shades—Big Ben, a metallic gold, Trafalgar Square, a chrome, and Houses of Parliament, a shimmering purple—each varnish is formulated with iron powder, which gravitates toward the magnet in the bottles’ caps (a neat touch!) to create an ombré/chevron pattern. What a great way to beat the fall/winter nail blues! To try your own hand at the trend, scoop up the Magnetic Attraction set  at


-Alia Rajput

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