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September 30, 2011 • Blog Therapy Fridays, Fashion Blog


Second City Style goes from Runway To Real Way to Punch Up Your Wardrobe With a Fall Poncho!

SHEfinds is all about the miracle dress (aka what to wear on fat days). Get one for yourself, a la Kate Winslet.

Coquette says to tie it up this fall with the sweet look of tie front blouses for fall.

Factio Magazine believes there is one print this fall that must make the closet cut: the Navajo Print.

The Budget Fashionista answers the question: Is Bloomingdales Over Charging Plus Size Customers?


Go J.Crew for delivering some great Frugal Snob options these days! The one that really jumped out at Bag Snob is the Edie purse ($238), a classic flap shoulder bag with a precision-similar vibe to the Céline!

Refinery29 Chicago found Windproof Hair Accessories For A Chicago Fall.


Most makeup artists say that you only need face primer and that you can use that one primer on your skin, lips, eyes, etc. After having condensed them into one, Beauty Snob can attest to the fact that you really do only need one for your entire face!

See the Top Ten Summer 2016 Trends for Women Over 40

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