Project Runway Season 9 Episode 10: Sew 70’s. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode.

September 30, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Television

Project Runway Season 9, Espisode 10

After just coming off a challenge that required the Project Runway designers to dress a 70’s inspired rock band, they found out that they wouldn’t be moving away from that decade quite yet. Tim instructed the remaining seven that they needed to create a separates look which would have influences from the 1970’s. The garments would have to be fashion forward, but trendy enough to be sold on, because that’s where the winning look would be featured and sold. Many of the designers looked at this challenge as a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the judges, most specifically Anya, Kim and Laura, who didn’t enjoy being among the bottom in the last challenge.

While the shenanigans that took place in the workroom early on in the competition is segueing into something a bit more disciplinary, where the designers are more intent on their sketches and sewing, the snarky comments are still, thankfully, being bandied about. Viktor, having won the last challenge, seems to be becoming annoyed with his fellow designers. It’s a competition after all, and he intends on winning. His view point on the subject became particularly clear when Anya lost her $100 Mood spending money while shopping for her materials. Anthony Ryan, being the only designer who didn’t spend every cent of his allotted amount, gave her his remaining $11.50. Back in the workroom, other designers offered up excess materials for Anya to use, but Viktor staunchly refused to help, insisting that it was a competition and that he couldn’t help. But while Anya was allowed her mini meltdown of tears, she was able to move on fairly quickly and worked on dying muslin to incorporate more materials into her design. Josh, on the other hand, was also having a difficult time as he wasn’t able to grasp what 70’s fashions looked like. He liked to use the excuse that he wasn’t even born in the 70’s, but I could hazard a guess that the only designer remaining who did live in the 70’s was Bert. While many of the designers used Bert as a sounding board on what and wasn’t 70’s inspired, Josh seemed to go around the workroom picking up different elements of design from the other designers, much to Viktor’s chagrin.

Since the calmness of the workroom seemed almost too tranquil, it was of little surprise to hear Tim announce that the designers would have to create another complimentary look that was only one piece, in addition to the separates outfit. The designers got a chance to go back to Mood and spend an additional $50 on more materials. Anya was sure not to lose that money.

With the number of designers down to only seven, it’s easy to spot those who will land in the top and those who will be, if not out, at least in the bottom two. However, you never know who will win and who will lose, as the judges are a finicky bunch. Kim was safe with a sharp looking vest and pant design and an unmemorable one piece look. Bert, with his sheer one shoulder blouse, cover-up and shorter than short booty shorts, was on top thanks to his choice of materials and his second look, which was a simple shift dress that looked much richer than it was and would flatter any shape and look good in any number of colors. Viktor was also in the top with his safari inspired jacket and pants as well as his flattering and sophisticated dress. The judges were once again impressed with the amount and quality of his work. But it was the judges’ sweetheart, Anya, who won the challenge. While her jumpsuit (yes, another jumpsuit) was very cute and flattering and she used a great print, I’m not sure the judges choice her for the garment, but more that she created a look for $11.50. Needless to say, they were impressed either way.

Guest Judge Olivia Palemero

Moving on down to the other spectrum, Laura, Anthony Ryan and Josh were most definitely in the bottom with their design results. Laura, who would end up being safe from elimination, had been warned by Tim that Nina questioned her taste level and this challenge was no different. Laura, who created fine garments, unfortunately chose to use multiple prints in her design that had nothing to do with one another for one of her garments and the other was so snooze worthy, it wouldn’t interest anyone on, and the judges would know, since editor Olivia Palermo was guest judge. Josh, who should have been out with his horrendous choice in print, fabric and all together style of his garments, was also safe from elimination thanks only to the fact that the judges appreciate that he takes chances. But they keep reminding him that he will need to start learning how to edit. Josh and his big ego, looked to be having a difficult time accepting this critique. So that leaves Anthony Ryan saying ‘goodbye.’ Both his designs looked incomplete, a problem that he’s had throughout the competition. He went for the hippie girl of the 70’s and ended up with two unattractive, ill fitting garments. So long Anthony, you did not make it to the top six!

Anya - You are the winner! And your design will be on Piperline!

Bert - Your design will be on Piperlime, too!

Shop Piperlime here for the 2 winning designs from Anya An Bert as well as the Piperlime accessories wall!

Viktor's Design

Joshua's Design "AAAHH!"

Anthony Ryan, You are out!

Memorable Quotes:

I’m not afraid of people getting nasty; I mean the tiger will come out. Rrrrrer. —Viktor

This is a competition, I wish I could help but I can’t. —Viktor

I’m not driving you no more, Miss Daisy. You do it. —Viktor

They’re all going to the mall or to bury something in the woods. —Bert

I’m not good at not spending money. —Laura

It doesn’t look like a paper bag waist, it looks like a Hefty bag waist. —Tim Gunn

Be careful of the narrative, you really spin a tale. —Tim Gunn

It looks like they are from the same cult. –Nina Garcia

Let’s see the butt. AAAHHH! —Michael Kors

This outfit is sore on the eyes. —Heidi Klum

Can I see the skirt? Oh no. —Michael Kors

Acid colored leopard print is a problem. —Nina Garcia

She’s not getting laid in those pants. —Olivia Palemero

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—Bonnie J Brown

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