Next Season of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Pits UK Against U.S.A.!

October 5, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Television

Who will win, Tyra? U.S. or UK?

Now that the dust is finally settling surrounding the news that ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ judge Andre Leon Talley has basically left the show following this last season and that his replacement is none other than beloved, ball-breaking PR maven Kelly Cutrone, Tyra Banks just can’t seem to keep us off the edge of our seats! The former supermodel and show creator announced the premise for the upcoming 18th season (we’re barely three episodes into the current All-Star season, don’t forget) earlier this week in L.A., making good on her promise that there would be no more “normal cycles” of the show. How normal were they to begin with?

The theme for next season plans to be a battle royale between aspiring models from the U.S. and aspiring models from the UK. Seven girls hailing from each land will go up against each other in the traditional Top Model formula of challenges, runway stomps to the death and creatively constructed photo shoots. L.A. fans of the show got a taste of what’s to come while a blog entitled, A Blog About Things, reported on the inside scoop of the reveal:

According to the insider, attendees of the event were encouraged to wear red, white and blue or stars and stripes to the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles. The stage in the venue formed a V with two runways jutting out from the stage to a center point. At the sides were two large floats; One with the Statue of Liberty and the other with Big Ben.

Jay Manuel was the emcee for the reveal. To keep with the US vs. UK theme Brit Nigel Barker rolled up in a Mini Cooper convertible that was painted as a Union Jack. Miss J. pulled up in a red and gold Ford Mustang. Next came the float with Big Ben carrying seven British models, followed by the float with the Statue of Liberty, the American models and a bunch of shirtless guys with American flags and white flags that said “America’s Next Top Model.” How patriotic!

The invite stated that the models were all wearing clothes by designer Oliver Tolentino, which looked “high fashion military” according to the source. The UK girls were wearing red with gold, blue, silver accents and the US girls wore blue in different pseudo-patriotic colors.

After the reveal, Michael Buffer (the “Let’s get ready to rumble!” guy) announced the girls by name, height and the city they come from like they were entering a boxing match. Each girl was encouraged to taunt the other “team” with antagonizing statements. Then they faced off in a runway “fight” taking turns making passes down the runway and fighting for a spotlight at the end. Our source said that the British girls were much more impressive than their American counterparts.”

Are you hooked yet? Because I know I sure am. Move over Nigel, there’s room in that Mini cooper for two.


-Alia Rajput

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