!E Fashion Police Co-Host George Kotsiopoulos Shares Style Advice With Chicago

October 7, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Chicago, Fashion Blog, Yahoo

George Kotsiopoulos Visits Swarovski In Chicago

George Kotsiopoulos, !E Style Expert visited Chicago on Tuesday at a style event hosted by Swarovski at its Michigan Avenue flagship store. I had the exciting opportunity to meet George, who is no stranger to Chicago.  He is from the area and still has relatives in Chicago but told me he has lived in California for the last 20 years, and does not visit very often. It was a warm fall day in Chicago which brought up questions of our ever changing temperatures and how to dress. He was totally sweet, cute and friendly and did not scare me at all coming from his Fashion Police position – like Joan Rivers might!

SCS: What do we do on days like today? How do we dress for season and the temperature?

GK: Layering is a good way to go, you may be somewhere and you need to take a layer off in changing weather. The fabrics need to go with the season.

SCS: Like no neon colors?

GK: I don’t mind neon colors, which can be year round, but more like the fabrics which are too much like summer, like seersucker… no cork wedge sandals.

SCS: Do you have a preference … do you like styling celebrities or real people better?

GK: I like both. It is always fulfilling to see a celebrity wearing something that I styled, but I love working with other clients. Clients with a lot of money…I don’t ever want anyone to ever go in debt!…But clients who have money are the most fun… So we can go shopping!

He was kind to Chicago and said that we have do have style here! But he is not a push-over: the said that San Francisco was the worst as far as being conservative. “Too many women are in bad business suits there … I mean, bad business suits…” George is also a fan of high/low dressing. He wears everything from Brooks Brothers to Gap. He was wearing a beautiful burgundy velvet Dolce & Gabbana suit jacket with black trim that fit impeccably. “I love Dolce & Gabbana jackets because I can also wear them with jeans,” he said.

George gave us all a presentation with models he styled wearing Swarovski. He mentioned that he does not usually like mixed metals but loved this mixed metal collar, which is fun trend this season, as well as cuff bracelets. He kept it short. “I’m sure you all would like to have some champagne and enjoy the evening!”

George presents jewelry trends at Swarovski

Fans getting styling advice from George Kotsiopoulos

George was not without his fans who came out to specifically to see him and ask questions.  One woman asked what to wear with her light colored knee boots. She did not want to wear bare legs but knew that black tights would be too harsh. “Whoever started the whole thing about the bare leg being the way to go is a ** moron … I’m sorry!” He advised her to wear nude with a seam down the back, maybe a grey, possibly nude with a texture, or to try sheer brown.  She, as well as all of us who were listening, were thrilled with his advice! It was as if he was stretching our wardrobes by just giving us  a few tips and tricks! After all, isn’t that what a good stylist should do?

I'm with my new friend George Kotsiopoulos!

I hope that George Kotsiopoulos will visit Chicago more often because we can use his advice!

George Kotsiopoulos currently stars as co-host of E! Fashion Police, examining celebrity style alongside Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. He also serves as Style Director of the luxury California publication, C Magazine, where he has styled dozens of the most celebrated actors and actresses. Over the course of his career, he has had the pleasure of working with Julianne Moore, Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway, Milla Jovovich, Mandy Moore and Ashley Judd, to name a few. In addition to his media work, Kotsiopoulos has also served as a personal stylist to celebrities, socialites and CEO’s, most notably Kerry Washington and Zooey Deschanel.

— Carol Calacci

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