Betasseled: 5 Vintage Tassels To Inspire Your Accessorizing

October 11, 2011 • Magazine, Vintage

I didn’t know how much I loved tassels until recently. When I was in Paris last summer, I purchased a giant mustard yellow tassel from the l’Institut du Monde Arabe that sat in my bedroom for a solid six months until I decided to put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. It has not only become my favorite accessory, but a true conversation starter — inspiring wonder and awe about the giant object around my neck in nearly everyone I meet. Once that tassel changed my life, I decided that I would fill my life with tasseled odds and ends, hallmarking an object most widely recognized as a drapery ornament and turning it into my signature accessory. I firmly believe the tassel can change the lives of others, as well, so I’ve embarked on a vintage eBay hunt for the best vintage tasseled accessory — a search that did not end in vain. Behold: five great tassels and why they should inspire your accessorizing.

1. Dominique Aurientis Vintage Gold Tassel Necklace: Let’s be honest, it pretty much speaks for itself. This luxe beauty conjures images of Egyptian royalty and 1920s high glamour at the same time – it’s absolutely stunning. It’s also extremely versatile when it comes to styling: wear the tassel straight down to highlight the asymmetrical green pearl, wrap it around your neck (or wrist!) to obtain more of a choker appeal, or wear the tassel to the side, like in the photo. No matter how you wear it, it’s definitely a stunner — every accessory collection should include thick, rich gold (and a tassel!)

2.Vintage Hermès Golf Shoes: I just about fell over when I saw these darling be-tasseled loafers. I love the whimsy inspired by the grass green fringe and matching double tassels and who doesn’t love a classic loafer? This is a great way to bring tassels into your wardrobe — with vintage Hermès on your feet, you’ll be skipping all day.

3. Leopard Head Vintage Zircon Necklace: Tassels are great for when you visually want to shake things up a bit, but so is anything inspired by an exotic animal. You put those two things together and you’re looking at a seriously amazing necklace. The lines with this piece are so simple, but it’s the proportions that really set it apart. The leopard head’s unique placement, combined with the thin fringe and elongation of the tassel work together to create a truly gorgeous piece.

4. Vintage Marbled Bakelite Necklace: I’m always on the lookout for a good statement necklace and this one grabbed me right away. I love how the tassel is in the center of the piece, and both the ball’s marbling and its ornate gold cap are divine. An entirely unique look, you could get away with wearing this necklace and very little else — all tassels should inspire as much.

5. Estee Lauder Vintage Compact: I was just delighted when I found this little treasure. First of all, a gorgeously designed compact is such a treat to pull out, but when it also has a tassel! Then you just look like French royalty. The tenets of accessorizing should be parlayed into more than just what you put on your body. A fabulous compact like this one is the very embodiment of the art of chic — it’s all in the details.

— Amanda Aldinger

Image Layout: Amy Newling

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