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October 13, 2011 • Beauty, Events, Fashion Blog

The inside of the newly redesigned diptyque boutique on Bleecker Street

We got a special treat  this week by being invited to view diptyque’s new renovated Bleecker Street boutique, in honor of the Parisian beauty brand’s 50th anniversary. For 50 years diptyque has been a definitive name in prestige beauty and home with it’s timelessly elegant ceramic vessels,  signature oval logo and classically beautiful scents. To celebrate the essence of the brand, the retail concept of each flagship was redesigned to reflect the culture of the location. New York’s landscape, designed by Jenner Studio, was created around the theme of the changing seasons.

diptyque's legendary line of candles

diptyque's gorgeous chandelier, made from upturned ditpyque votive vessels

Upon entering the boutique, one is greeted by a spectacular display of pink cherry blossoms. This symbolic joy of spring merges into the acid green of a perfect summer day, light reflects off the leaves, and shadows of dark black tree bark lurk in the distance. Transitioning to the back wall, summer merges into autumn and a wonderful display of deep reds, oranges, and yellow permeates the space. On the last mirrored wall to the left, autumn turns into winter as rich tones give way to the colder colours of blue, white, and black. Integrated throughout the seasonally themed mirrors are images from iconic New York moments  inspired by architecture, art, fashion, and culture such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Statue of Liberty.

The "Spring" and "Summer" walls in the new diptyque boutique

Other notable features to the new layout include include a carved marquetry walnut cupboard, beautifully crafted bespoke moulded showcases and three console tables in Tulip Wood, pure white Thassos Marble and Stainless Steel. The hand carved legs have been upholstered in bespoke fabric designs inspired by Native American craft work from the island of Manhattan while the pure white marble is engraved with signature diptyque logos. The front cashier area and back of the store are accented with further Native American inspired wallpapers and a unique central display cabinet that mirrors the one in the first ever diptyque boutique on 34 boulevard Saint Germain.

The "Autumn" wall featuring the 34 Anniversary collection

And speaking of the brand’s Paris flagship, diptyque has named their limited edition anniversary collection 34 after the address of the Saint Germain boutique. Named Les Invites du Trente-Quatre, the diptyque brand decided to honor the momentous occasion by collaborating with the three perfumers who are closest to the brand today: Olivia Giacobetti, Fabrice Pellegrin and Olivier Pescheux. Each was given carte blanche to come up with a limited-edition “capsule” collection, produced in complete olfactory freedom. Each expresses their own personal vision of the diptyque universe, through a product of their choosing. The resulting juices became: Curiosités, created by Olivia Giacobetti evokes the scent of a place, Eau Mage, created by Fabrice Pellegrin is an olfactory journey to the core of the raw material and Eau Particulière, created by Olivier Pescheux celebrates “an unexpected side of diptyque”.

The 34 Anniversary collection, featuring Curiosites, Eau Mage and Eau Particuliere

Curiosities is evoked through a 7.3 oz. candle made up of of Alaska cypress, essence of tulipwood, dried angelica, clove leaves,
styrax gum and ambergris. Giacobetti describes the scent as, “I sought the impression of a house through the smell of
objects. Over time, things are put down, and others are placed on top of them: Indian ink drawings, books, sets of watercolours, collections of pebbles, strange shells, unknown woods, spices and dry leaves.”

Eau Mage was captured in a 1.7 fl.oz eau de toilette and consists of mandarin, rose oxide, ambroxan, cumin, cashmeran, cypriol. Pellegrin describes the scent as, “A sensual, woody eau de toilette that’s full of contrasts. The head notes bring transparency, sparkle and  freshness. They are associated with denser, warmer, more powerful raw materials. It pays homage to diptyque fragrance traditions, where the link between the two aspects is created by an unusual olfactory ingredient: cumin.”

Eau Particuliere was envisioned as a 8 fl.oz multiuse fragrance concocted from Nana mint, hesperidia, bouquet of aromas, Turkish rose absolute, orris butter, patchouli, balms and resins, musks. Pescheux describes the scent as, “A great big splash of good humour and smiles! A contrasting, generous note. Each raw material has been carefully  chosen to give the product its multi-purpose dimension.”

The stunning 7.3 oz candle of Olivias Giacobetti's Curiosites

The radiant glass bottle of Olivier Pescheux's multi-use, unisex Eau Particuliere

For more information on the perfumers and the Les Invites du Trente-Quatre anniversary collections, visit this special dedicated portion of

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style


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