Project Runway Season 9 Episode 12: The Finale Challenge. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

October 14, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Television

Project Runway Season 9, Espisode 12

The end is near. It has come down to one final challenge for the designers to complete before they get to go home and design a collection for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. But at least one designer will be going home and not coming back with a collection. With so much on the line, the designers were in for a real test in this final Project Runway challenge.

For inspiration the designers hopped a ferry to visit Governors Island, a park with structures and sculptures. Tim was there to let them know that they would need to show their range on the runway by designing three different looks in a mini collection. Before the designers began their garments, Tim had one more surprise for them that involved the dreaded black, button bag. But this time it was a pleasant surprise since it brought back five previous designers to help complete their work.

At this point the judges must know at least two of the designers they want to send to Fashion Week, regardless of what is shown on the final runway challenge. Viktor and Josh were very confident that they would be going, leaving the remaining slot for the female designers to compete for. I’m not sure where this confidence was coming from since each of the remaining designers, minus Laura, were all coming off a successful challenge. Kim and Anya were among the favorites of last week’s challenge, not to mention that Anya is the judges’ little darling or that Josh has some seriously questionable taste levels. But it is obvious that Viktor and Josh do have the best tailoring skills and that may be where their confidence is coming from. Kim, Anya and Laura are another matter altogether. Kim talks throughout the final challenge as if she already lost, Laura cries and puts more effort into telling everyone how much she wants to make it to Fashion Week, rather than concentrating on her garments, which actually need quite a bit of help. Laura was inspired by the circular sculptures in Governors Island and was creating a lattice work dress, jacket and more if she could figure out how else to use the hideous black fabric she found at Mood. Tim tried to warn her about scaling back, but to little avail. And of course Anya had great vision, but struggled with the construction portion of the design process, but thankfully she had Bert to help her fix things.

Guest Judge Zoe Saldana

As it turns out Josh and Viktor were correct in assuming they’d be designing for New York Fashion Week, but Anya was the first to be told that she would be going. The judges, including guest judge Zoe Saldana (she’s so pretty!) loved her silhouettes and fashion forward looks. They also loved that she knows how to dress her models. Viktor and Josh were also shoe-ins, but were given warnings. Viktor, whose garments were the most sellable, was told he needs to ‘pump-up’ the fashion forwardness of his designs. Josh needs to remember to edit and question his taste levels, but more than anything the judges chose him because he would never bore in a runway show. The last designer to be picked was Kim, who may or may not show during Fashion Week, but at this point she’s designing a collection and has a chance, how and why the judges will decide is a mystery. But Laura is out and will be going home for good, but not without impressing her passion for fashion on the judges. Good luck designers!

Anya, You will be showing at New York Fashion Week

Viktor, you are showing at New York Fashion Week!

Josh, You are showing at New York Fashion Week

Kimberly, You are going to New York Fashion Week

Laura, you will NOT be showing at New York Fashion Week

Memorable Quotes:
I could use a moment to take a chill pill. –Kim

Laura thought I said $5,000. –Tim Gunn

We all the button bag.– Tim Gunn

What the f@#* are we going to do now? –Victor

At this point I don’t care, she’s nothing on me. –Josh

I just had $20,000 swept away from me by a beauty queen. –Josh

I don’t know it accurately. –Anya

Throw that plastic in. The more plastic he puts in the better my chances are. –Kim

It’s almost like a zoot suit costume. –Viktor

This is not Statue of Liberty, Tim. –Kim

Does she even know how to sew a sleeve? –Viktor

The boss lady messes things up and I have to clean them up for her. –Bert

Only with Josh M. do you have a studying process. –Bryce

Two of her garments look they have goiters coming out of their legs. –Laura

If this dress was sold to the public it would need to come with a set of instructions. –Tim

Fake it til you make it. –Josh

That’s how we do. –Viktor

I think you’re a little bit of a magpie, where the glitter and the shine really turn you on. –Michael Kors

She’s literally in a laundry bag or a pillow case. –Michael Kors

It looked a little bit like a condom to me. –Zoe Saldana

The dress was interesting, but she looked like a fence walking. –Michael Kors

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— Bonnie J Brown

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