Trending: All Choked Up. Our 9 Favorite Chokers

Nothing speaks louder in the accessory department this season than the choker. It certainly makes a statement, don’t you think? I normally don’t like anything tight on my neck, but am willing to get over it for some of these beauties. Make sure you wear it on an open-neckline. Wearing a choker with a turtleneck, just wouldn’t be cool. Dig?

Here are our 9 favorite chokers:

1.  AZ Collection Three-Tone Choker, $633

2.  Stud Metal Torq Necklace, $35

3.  Couture Metal Choker, $48

4.  Lanvin Gold Medailles Choker, $890

5.  Yves Saint Laurent Brass Resin Choker, $1,295

6.  Vince Camuto Chunky Link Necklace Silver, $100

7.  Erickson Beamon Multi-Chain Choker, $ 1,410

8.  Dannijo Naomi Necklace, $195

9.  Premium Rhinestone Casting Choker, $110

- Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Amy Newling

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