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Louboutin Appealing Trademark Decision

Lawyers for Christian Louboutin filed their first brief to the Court of Appeals Monday, arguing for a reversal of an earlier ruling denying the fashion house a preliminary injunction and questioning the validity of its red-sole trademark.

The filing signals the beginning of an expedited appeal between Louboutin and defendant Yves Saint Laurent, which sold a red monochrome pump it created for its 2011 resort collection. Examining the function of color in fashion and its role in creativity, the judge told the plaintiff that no one designer should have a “monopoly” on any color. Louboutin’s “trademark status has been conferred upon it by the consuming public…only public recognition can breathe life into another mark, whether it be a single color, several colors or another design element,” according to the brief.

Using FaceBook to Sell?

“This thing is going to catch fire and you can either be the bellows or sit and be a spectator,” said Payvment’s co-founder and chief brand officer Joelle Musante of Facebook commerce, or F-commerce.

Payvment is the leading social commerce provider on Facebook that provides brands — including Vivienne Westwood; Gibson Guitars; Molly Sims’ jewelry line, Grayce, and Lakers Nation — with an application they can use so they can sell right on the site. In an interview a week after the forum, Musante clarified that when she speaks of social commerce she is specifically talking about social media, not putting a Facebook button on a branded dot-com.

“That’s e-commerce, not a two-way conversation,” she said of branded Web sites. “People try to take their dot-com and turn it into Facebook and vice versa. The two are mutually exclusive, and they are separate channels. Your social media is your marketing tool, and it’s [Facebook] a place where you can have an ongoing two way conversation.”

$3 Million Seized in Counterfeit

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials, in conjunction with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, conducted a bust of counterfeit merchandise on Friday at area flea markets, snagging $3 million worth of bogus products and arresting 11 people.

Federal officials and law enforcement authorities seized 18,640 items, including bogus purses, wallets, perfume, watches, hats, shoes, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, music and movies from four vehicles at 16 locations within the D.C. Farmers Market.

Authorities arrested 11 people on state criminal charges for trademark counterfeiting. One of the alleged suspects is Saidou Zongo, 41, who resides in Silver Spring, Md., and has an outstanding INTERPOL notice from the Burkina Faso government for misappropriated funds.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source & Photo: WWD

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