Pret Reporteur: Fur Dreams

October 31, 2011 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur

I’ve been in a minimalist moment recently. I’ve gotten a new job where the dress code is head-to-toe black, and in the meantime, I’ve foregone my usual layering of baubles and replaced it all with just a watch on one hand and a ring on the other. A red lip has become my most dominant accessory, and it’s been surprisingly refreshing to trade in my five pound wedges and array of accessories for a more Michael Kors-esque uniform approach. But then the weather got chilly, and as I continued gravitating towards the same accessory to complete my look each morning, I realized there was going to be one thing this winter that I wouldn’t be able to live without: fur. I know. Fur is always in, it’s always fabulous, and it’s the punctuation of every winter style guide. But what I’m talking about is the kind of fur that means you don’t have to wear anything else. The kind of fur that keeps black forward and your style effortlessly Parisian. The kind of fur that’s going to transform your wardrobe so that no one realizes that you (me) have gone into uniform mode, and probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. The good kind of fur. Here are my picks for this winter’s best fur accessories:

1. Gucci Fox Fur Collar, $2990
I just love this Gucci collar. The cognac color is very striking and so chic. While lustfully ogling this gorgeous collar, it occurred to me that I don’t see rust palates nearly as often as I’d like, and that my own closet is too bereft of this gorgeous hue. This piece is ideal with a black coat or dress — perfect for adding luxe glamour to any winter look.

2. Karl Donoghue Long Hair Shearling Scarf, $325
I love the bundled-up appeal of a heavily wrapped scarf, and this very textured shearling piece from Karl Donoghue is perfect for achieving just that. Its rough edges give it a distinctly modern feel, while effortlessly retaining the class act that is a good fur stole. This is a piece to own forever.

3. YSL Hood, $3650
I am just smitten with this piece. It’s basically a fur wig, which I find utterly delightful. It’s soft, it’s oversized, and it will never have a bad hair day. Consider it your go-to hairstyle for winter and call it a day (a glorious, glorious day where your hair is made of fur designed by Stefano Pilati).

4. Tibi Faux Fur Jacket, $173.25
Behold, the day jacket for the sartorially-conscious. Full and voluminous, but still tapered in shape and replete with an excellent exposed zipper, Tibi has taken the concept of a fur vest to the next level. A master of detail, the iconic designer has produced yet another must-have for the fur set. Way better than any old fur coat.

5. Christian Louboutin Splash Fur Stilettos, $1595
How darling are these boudoir-inspired Louboutin stilettos? There’s something really wonderful about a shoe or accessory that walks the fine line between chic and smutty. Whether you’re looking for obvious sex appeal or something that’s just gleefully irreverent, these are the perfect pick for you. As for myself? I’d wear them while pretending to be a 1920s jazz singer lounging in my dressing room with an olive-studded dirty martini in one hand and a cigarette holder in the other. Ah, the dreams fur inspires.

— Amanda Aldinger

Image Layout: Amy Newling

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