Happy Friday! Let’s Tweet About #FashionIceCream

November 4, 2011 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Industry, Social Media

Racked's Banana Wintour Fashion Ice Cream Flavor

So we feel like we have to do our part to spread the word on this hilarious albeit time-wasting trend. But it’s Friday! Who says you can’t kick back and have a little fun? Earlier this week, Racked National became inspired by the recent hubbub over Ben & Jerry’s flavor Schweddy Balls (their tribute to Alec Baldwin’s classic SNL skit) and decided to create their own fashion-themed ice cream flavors, creating a Twitter hashtag called #fashionicecream. Racked got the ball rolling by putting up five of their own picks and then on Wednesday, started a contest on Twitter to find the funniest fashion ice cream flavor. They even created little cartoons of their flavors on actual Ben and Jerry’s cartons.

The contest is over now but we’d still think it’s fun just to throw some ideas around. Thanks to our friends at Fashionista.com, who pulled some of the best off Twitter to help as an inspiration board:

“Dior and Galliano Split” –@saveassistants

“Pralines & Celine” –@hberger712

“Hugo Bosston Cream Pie” –@bradleydoubleu

“Thom Brownie” –@thecitizeNY

“Cherry Nina Garcia” –Everyone

“Rag & Cone” –@FaranKrentcil

“Cocoa Rocha” –@leilaclaire

“Rocky Rodarte” –@Rackedny

“Oleg-o-my-eggo-Cassini Waffle Cone” – @PSIMadeThis

“Bottega Vanilla” –@lahp

“Junya Watamelon” –@UncommonTattler

“Dulce & Banana” –@fashionweak

“Bryanboysenberry” –@rackedny

“Helmut Tang” –@D_Shaff

“TiraMissoni” –@Bradleydoubleu

Our fearless leader, Lauren Dimet Waters, came up with two great additions of her own: Nabisco Rodriguez and Caramel Marc Volv0. I’m still racking my brains for mine, but feel free to get in on the fashion flavor fun and post yours here or send to us on Twitter at @SecondCityStyle!

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: fashionista.com

Photo Source: Racked

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