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November 8, 2011 • Beauty, Designers, Events, Fashion Blog

The windows of Sephora Soho announcing DVF's first fragrance, Diane

Last week amid a very un-fashionable rainstorm, one shining oasis stood out among the dreary and soggy streets of New York. It was the Soho location of Sephora, decked out to the nines and emanating a warm, inviting glow for the official NYC launch of Diane von Furstenberg’s first ever fragrance, DIANE.

I got there early, grateful for the reprieve from the rain and spoke to some of the staff in charge of the Diane von Furstenberg DIANE launch, who told me they had been traveling to major cities across the U.S. for the launch, including Seattle, L.A., Washington D.C. and Miami, each with a flash mob of DVF-clad gals on hand to help announce the fierce and feminine fragrance.

The bottles of new fragrance, DIANE

Gearing up for the Woman of the Hour!

Fans of the legendary designer gathered in the front of the Sephora Soho store, eager to catch a glimpse of the woman responsible for so many game changing ideas in fashion. Though once she arrived, there was no pushing or elbowing to be had. Diane von Furstenberg breezed in as if on a cloud in a warm summer’s day and made herself accessible to everyone. She immediately began discussing her inspiration for the juice, an elegant mix of frangipani blossom and violet in contrast with patchouli, myrrh and musk. She noted how scent is the essence of seduction and therefore,  she wanted to create a fragrance that would encapsulate the power and confidence of a sensual woman.

Diane von Furstenberg schools us in the different components of DIANE

“It smells absolutely delicious!” Von Furstenberg said with a twinkling smile as she held up the delicate bottle and explained the contrast between the lightness of the frangipani and the violet, which grows in the woods and in the shade. On the violet, she said, “It’s a teeny, tiny flower and if you may not even notice it. In fact, you will probably step on it. But if you don’t walk on it and if you smell it, you will see it’s power. It is one of the most seductive and powerful fragrances.”

DVF spraying guests with her new fragrance, DIANE

Ever the gracious hostess, von Furstenberg then asked guests to come forward so she could personally spray them with the fragrance (what a treat!) and then stuck around to autograph bottles for her biggest fans. Her flash mob also showed up in gorgeously printed wrap dresses, bearing flags with the Diane von Furstenberg DIANE motto: “Be The Woman You Want To Be.” We all celebrated by signing the DIANE inspiration board with uplifting phrases and Sephora raffled off an exclusive DVF wrap dress with the chic oval DIANE print to one lucky guest. All in all, hearing DVF speak and learn about the new Diane von Furstenberg DIANE fragrance was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.

DVF signing the empowering "Be the Woman You Want to Be" boar

Celebrating with the DVF-clad flash mob

The DVF wrapr dress with the DIANE oval print that was raffled off to one lucky guest

Diane von Furstenberg DIANE comes in an Eau de Parfum ($45-$110) for an elixir that’s more potent, perhaps for evening. And an Eau de Toilette ($45- $90) for something lighter or daytime wear. There’s also a rich and luxurious body lotion that comes in the DIANE Gift Set, all available now at Sephora.

My hair's awful from the rain but bseides that, best picture ever!!

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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