Could H&M Be Angling for Tom Ford?

November 15, 2011 • Designers, Fashion Blog, Fashion for the Masses, Industry, Luxury

It seems as if H&M is already planning on another huge collaboration after Versace… and it’s a biggie!

H&M is looking to get Gucci’s former creative director Tom Ford on board for the next designer collaboration. Ford is “a very interesting name,” H&M’s creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch said when asked about the possibility of a collaboration with the 50-year- old designer. “I can say, I wouldn’t mind.”

“There would be great customer interest in such a collection,” said Anne Critchlow, a London-based analyst at Societe Generale. Being involved with well-known designers confers “fashion authority” on the H&M brand, she said.

A collaboration like this would do nothing but help the H&M brand, as well as bring the luxe of Tom Ford to an audience it would have never reached before. Plus, wouldn’t you just die to see what Ford would have for H&M?! Ford’s spokeswoman has declined to comment.

– Taneisha Jordan

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