The Thing I Am Loving Today: DKNY Oversized Sequin Mini

November 17, 2011 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Prada has a dress littered with them. ASOS has an upcoming ombre skirt with the materials in which I have been feverishly searching for. Ann Taylor has a beige sleeveless top covered with them. I found a crop top at Akira through sheer will and determination and I could not love it more because it is covered with my new favorite materials: Paillettes.

Seemingly similar to sequins but have much more of a plastic but edgy feel. Fashion lesson!: “Paillettes” is the French word for sequins. Used a lot in describing the trim or all-over detail of a garment, paillettes are usually shaped like rectangles and/or circles and come in all colors. Many times, they are the exact same color of the knit. Paillettes were very big on the runways this season so you can expect to have them show up in many clothing stores.

DKNY has been touting the new DKNY Oversized Sequin skirt on magazine covers and in their new Fall 2011 advertisements. What’s not to love about this skirt? The color is bright and fun but not too overwhelming. The shirt is short enough to have a little fun but not too short that you’re showing off all the “good china”. Plus, the addition of the paillettes give it the “fish-scale” feel that almost no one else will be sporting at whatever holiday party you wear this to.

So, Christmas is coming up… Feel free to buy this for me!

– Taneisha Jordan



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