Beauty: Six Products To Combat Dry Winter Skin

November 21, 2011 • Beauty, Magazine

I’m in complete denial that it’s getting cold outside and winter is on the way (I was just at the beach with my toes in the sand!). With cold weather comes many other things, and dry skin is not excluded. I have already started to stock up on my favorite heavy-duty moisturizers and realize that I might have a slight obsession. Especially after TSA threw away my favorite moisturizer at the airport. After that episode, I vowed to never be without it, and went home and ordered three! Did I say I was a little obsessed? Okay, let the rundown of my favorite moisturizers for winter begin!

What can’t I say about this product! Usually I am not a fan of petrolatum products, but I can guarantee you this one is different. I had a tube of Vaseline Deep Moisture Creamy Lotion in a drawer for months, and never used it until I stumbled upon it recently. Well, at first try I was in complete love. This moisturizer was unlike any other I had ever tried. It was moisturizing and  gentle, but kept my hands soft for hours. And you wonder what that infamous tube was that was thrown out by TSA?  Well this was it, and since then I have ordered tons more. It’s great for any part of your body, especially if you have extremely dry skin. You will and cannot go wrong with Vaseline’s Deep Moisture. I caution you, it is hard to find it in stores so find it online.  It does work wonders.

Years ago, I was told about this wonderful moisturizers called Genes Vitamin E Creme. Not only was it a great moisturizer but it has some of the highest IUs of Vitamin E in a single product. The size of this jar of creme will last you forever, and for the price it cannot be beat. For under $10 you get a wonderful, ultra moisturizing creme skin that’s gentle enough for any type of skin and lasts for hours. This is a staple in my household.

There’s nothing you need more in your handbag in these cold months than a great hand cream. I cannot stress it enough. Hand creams are at the top of my list of obsessions just as much as a good body moisturizer. Nivea’s Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream delivers, as both. Nivea products are known for their ultra moisturizing capabilities, and this product that’s newest to their line is amazing. With macadaian nut oil, it has an amazing fragrance and absorbs quickly into dry hands. You’ll love this hand cream just as much as I do!

This next product, looks like a something your mom has had in the medicine cabinet for years, that she used on every child in the house. I even admit, I had it for years and never touched it a bit until recently when I stumbled upon it cleaning out my makeup drawers. Basic Organics Vitamin E Ointment does wonders for dry lips, but also for stretch marks, dry skin and even sore muscles. With wheat germ, vitamin E, and aloe, it is a soothing blend of goodness. Beware if you are looking for a big jar. It only comes in 2 oz. and 4 oz., and may be a little costly for some, but you won’t regret it…

This next gem, I tried months ago at my clients house after washing my hands at her sink, and “OMG”..this product felt amazing. It felt like pure luxury on my hands. Borghese Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme SPF 8 is like a manicure in a tube. With glycerine, and  its moisture-attracting liquid crystal molecules, they guard against moisture loss. Acqua di vita complex adds maximum hydration and helps protect hands from daily abuse as it restores depleted moisture. If you take your hand creams seriously and don’t mind paying a little more, this hand creme is a must!

I love a good all around moisturizer, and I have found that in First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. This super-emollient cream is a whipped perfection and not at all greasy. I love that it doesn’t have a bunch of artificial ingredients and heals just about any skin condition from eczema to psoriasis. With oatmeal, shea butter and eucalyptus oil, it gives a great improvement to distressed skin.  It is truly one of the best all around moisturizers I have ever tried.

1. Vaseline Deep Moisture Cream, from $6.99
2. Genese Vitamin E Creme, from $8.74
3. Nivea Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream, $5.99
4. Basic Organics Vitamin E Ointment, $5.09
5. Borghese Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme SPF 8, 7 oz, $30.00
6. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $12 – $28

—Kelley Epps-Woods

Image Layout: Amy Newling

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