Christina Aguilera Goes Double X-tina

November 21, 2011 • Bad Judgement, Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

Well, it appears I may have spoken too soon.

After Hilary Duff’s sequin fiasco, I feared that there would be no one else that could ever top the 10 pounds of sugar stuffed into a sparkly five pound bag motif.  It appears we have a winner!

Christina Aguilera took the stage at the 2011 American Music Awards last night wearing a silver metallic bandage dress and big, big hair. The nicest way to put this is that … this girl is just a hot mess. I thought bandage dresses were suppose to enhance the “good” curves, while hiding the flaws? This girl put all her curves (and more) out for show! In the words of Michael Kors, everything she’s got on is “short, tight and tiny”. She had all her “good china” out for show. The dress was too short for someone who is already short and whatever breasts she could gather were all pushed to the front. There was a moment where she was *thisclose* to having it all fall out!

The best Christmas gift for me would be for this girl to just buy the dress in her size. She still thinks she’s the same size from her “Genie in a Bottle” days,… more like she asked for another bottle of ranch for her double cheeseburger. And please, can anyone look at this picture and tell me they don’t see Ms. Piggy?

Need another angle? (PS. Sorry for another angle)

– Taneisha Jordan


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