Pret Reporteur: Building Style With Anthropologie’s Treasure Trove

November 21, 2011 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur

You could effectively categorize my style as “artfully cluttered.” In both the way I dress and the aesthetic to which I’m most attracted, I’m always particularly pleased by looks that are built from a clean foundation but embrace a sense of quirk. I care little for matching and prefer styling my world with objects that tell a story, or at least inspire interesting conversation.

I recently moved into a new apartment and have been excited to saturate it with unique treasures that simultaneously build a home that represents my style, while also telling the story of this transition. Concurrently, I’ve been engaged in the same mission with my personal style, so because it’s a one-stop-shop (and conveniently located down the street from my office), I’ve been spending a lot of time at Anthropologie. I’m well accustomed to the heightened flea market that is Anthropologie — my best friend worked there for years, and the gift giver she is, has nearly single-handedly decorated my entire life in its wares. But now that we live apart, I’ve been forced to take on shopping and decorating on my own (much to my chagrin. Thank goodness for her affinity for sending me packages.). I’ve been delighting in all of their weird little treats and finding interesting ways to apply them to my home decorating. Be that the tall, thin mug masquerading as a toothbrush holder in my bathroom, or the many little cups and bowls scattered around my apartment holding everything from cotton balls to jewelry, it’s a store that inspires vintage quirkiness and effortless style. From head to toe and everything in between, the store’s wares offer a unique individuality that you’ll be hard-pressed to come by anywhere else.

My point is not to deliver a PSA for Anthropolgie. Rather, as I’ve recently been thirsting for a rejuvenated style in both my home and on my body, it is to impress that style is not just in your clothes, or on the runway, or in an editorial — style is the overall embrace of your entire life’s aesthetic. I think Anthropologie is a wonderful example of what it looks like to curate a stylish, intentioned and unique lifestyle, and plus — I need to share with someone all of the beautiful treasures I am coveting! Your style should be, and deserves to be, imparted into everything you do. Life is too short to not be surrounded by beautiful things. Here a few I’m coveting:

1. Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt: $298

This skirt is just gorgeous. It has a lovely vintage, brocade quality to it that works perfectly with the luminescent appeal of the holiday season. It is quintessentially elegant, while also remaining chic and unique. I love a good standout garment — and find that rarely is a look complete without some shimmering bling.

2. Ladies-in-Waiting Dinner Plates: $24

If you really want to curate your style, step into the kitchen. Food and dining is the essence of everything: hosting, socializing, eating, drinking, sharing, cooking — and there’s no reason to do any of these things with less-than-thrilling dishware. These plates will speak to your own lady-ship as much as any well-styled look. Plus, who doesn’t want to be reminded of Marie Antoinette at every meal?

3.  Yabusame Necklace: $598

I am particularly attracted to bizarre accessories that incorporate animals. I have no explanation for this, as I don’t really like animals. But there’s something wonderfully kitschy and witty — even timeless — about a little beastial body decor. I would be thrilled to add this equine-inspired treasure to my collection. It would look wonderful with my bulldog ring and snake cuff.

4.  Sterling Kitten Heels: $148

Speaking of animals, and things I don’t like (kittens + heels), I can’t get over how much I adore these un-petite heels. The gleam, the sheen, the feminine rounded toe and little red bow — they’re positively adorable. Another item that’s perfect for holiday, but a great source for sparkle all year round.

5. Helianthus Goblet: $8

These wine goblets are my very new favorite thing. If you’re a spirited wine aficionado, like myself, why not toast with class?  Inexpensive, but tres luxe, these are a must-have addition to any well-curated glassware collection. I say buy them in bulk. Who doesn’t want a wine glass that doubles as a Medieval candy dish?

6. Chrysalis Cowlneck Sweater: $118

Part of a well-curated personal style is maintaining your aesthetic even on an off-duty day. For such moments, I prefer the slouchy comfort of a well-draped sweater, such as this soft, cowled version with batwing sleeves. Its unique construction and luxe look takes low maintenance to its chicest level. Closets should be filled with such beautiful pieces. Style is ideal, but comfort is key.

— Amanda Aldinger

Image Layout: Amy Newling



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