Celebrity Style: Chloe Moretz…What Can A 14-Year Old Teach Us About Fashion?

December 5, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Magazine

When you hear the name Chloe Moretz, what do you think of? Certainly, she’s not up there yet with Jennifer Lopez or Julianne Moore right? She’s a pretty girl, a good actress, she was spotted at the Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week, she’s stylish, she’s known for spewing curses in movies like Kick Ass (her Hollywood debut) and oh, wait, isn’t she just 14-years old?

You might be wondering why I’m talking about Chloe Moretz. While she does seem to have a lot to offer in Hollywood (her new movie Hugo also stars big names), this is a fashion website and one for adults, natch. So what does a mere 14-year old have to offer us in the fashion and style department? Well, more than you think. Let’s see how Chloe’s fashions (and her stylist, who she credits with giving her such award winning looks and brands) can teach us how to dress well for every occasion.

Its OK To Wear One Designer From Head-To-Toe

For some reason, I’ve always had the distinct notion that people think fashionistas are able to put their looks together easily. They’re supposed to know that those Miu Miu shoes go with that Prada dress or those high-end Gucci slacks work well when paired with that budget-friendly H&M vest. This is especially true for the younger generation, who seem to have more fun putting unique outfits together — or so I thought. In truth, it was Chloe Moretz, a 14-year old actress who taught me even the younger generation can wear one designer head-to-toe and still look as fashionable as the next person. Chloe Moretz recently wore head-to-toe Stella McCartney to the 100th anniversary of Gossip Girl event, including ankle strap pumps and an orange clutch. Her outfit was well put together and still fun, all from one designer.

Have Fun With Fashion

Actress Chloe Moretz may be a stylish fashionista, but she’s still only 14 years-old and yes, sometimes she can dress accordingly. The thing is, some people think when you hit the over 30 mark you must stop wearing loud prints, bright colors or looks that are deemed appropriate for a younger generation — but you don’t have to. Designers like Custo Barcelona and Roberto Cavalli made their sensational designs for a reason. We’re not telling you to wear leather minis that show everything below the belt, but it is OK to wear something fun and fancy free — like this striped mixed print set by Proenza Schouler. You can see that Chloe feels like she’s having fun as soon as she puts it on and you can too, no matter what your age range.

Dare To Look Different

Nothing says different like wearing something no one would ever expect to see you in, and no one ever expected to see Chloe Moretz in a pair of lacy Stella McCartney pants, like these. Sure, she might count Stella as one of her favorite designers (she’s worn her more than once) and sure, she’s worn tons of lacy numbers before, but she’s also worn lots of color numbers before that are more age-appropriate. What does this say, then? That Ms. Moretz over here is willing to take it to the edge, take a risk and make a fashion statement. That’s important when it comes to  fashion, even if that statement doesn’t always work (it does in this case.) The pretty little lady could teach us all a thing or two about fashion, even at her age.

Sometimes, It’s Time To Grow Up

While we told you it’s fun to have fashion, wear mixed prints, loud colors, and be a little daring, sometimes its also wonderful to look stylishly sophisticated. Recently, Chloe wore a surprising outfit — a lacy black Emilio Pucci dress with long black sleeves, a skirt that moves to the calf, and tights — to a movie premiere.  A very modest grown-up look for the petite 14-year old star, and she rocked it. If 14 year-olds can dress up a little older in the name of fashion, why can’t you?

—Simona Kogan

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