What We’re Loving Today: Chanel’s Indian Inspired Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

December 6, 2011 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Luxury

Pieces from Chanel's Indian inspired pre-fall 2012 collection

Ok, so I may be a little biased. Yes, it’s the birthplace of my father and the reason I can never find my own shade in a drugstore, but having an Indian heritage makes me proud when I see designers using my (half) mother country as a muse. And not in recent history has it arguably been done better than Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall 2012 collection for Chanel. Held resplendently at the Metiers D’Arts, the runway room was set up to look like the most opulent of exotic royal palaces. White crystal chandeliers dripped like stalactites and mirrored the image of cascading fruit that spilled down the long, glazed tables, (it reminded me of that scene in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where they’re served monkey brains in the maharaja’s palace in India. Love that movie!).

The collection was titled, “Paris–Bombay” and described as “Indian-inspired”. The garments consisted of sari like swaths of fabric, jeweled headpieces, baggy pants, and embellished sandals with lots of gold detailing. New York Magazine noted that the nod to Bombay — rather than Mumbai, the current name of the city— was not an accident. Indeed, the looks seemed to be almost antiquated in their finery, reminiscent of the times when India was a major harbor of European trade. Spices, silks and tea all seemed to resonate thematically throughout both the color scheme and the fabrics. But, never straying to far from the innovations of modernity, Lagerfeld had some of the models sporting fake dreadlocks, piled high in elegant towers on top of their heads. All in all it was a gorgeous spectacle of regal proportion, and reminded me of all the costume bib necklaces I have from Delhi lying around my jewelry drawer and how they need to be brought back to life.

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: NY Mag

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