Second City Style’s 12 Days of Christmas (Shopping) ’11. Taneisha’s “Keep Dreaming” Wishlist

December 7, 2011 • Fashion Blog, Holiday, Shopping

It’s a shame that throughout most of the year, I buy my own presents (hey, I work hard, I deserve them!). So, by the time Christmas rolls around, there’s really nothing left on my list except the big-ticket items. Good thing I’m always thinking of you guys!

ONE by Boutique Hotel Pajamas Set, $660

Every girl needs a set of cute yet comfy pajamas. Ones that you can lounge around in all day and by the sheer horror happenstance that a friend just so happens to stop by, you won’t look like a complete walking hangover disaster. And the rust color suits all skin tones so you won’t have to be worried about looking washed out.

Alaïa Peau Cutout Leather Boots, $787.50

The first time I heard of Alaïa was in the movie Clueless when main character and L.A. socialite Cher would not lay down on the dirty pavement during a robbery. Once I looked up the prices of the dresses, I could understand why… almost $2,000 for a simple day dress! Yikes! Lucky, their shoes aren’t as bad. These knee-high leather pair is great! You can wear them in the fall season with a cutting edge. Literally, those are cut outs in the boot. And when it gets colder, you can just throw on a pair of tights and still keep the same sleekness to the shoe, in a contrasting color nonetheless. And a bonus, you wont have to worry about them getting dirty.

Alexander McQueen Fitted Cap-Sleeve Gown, $3,545

There are few dresses more timeless or elegant than a dress made by Alexander McQueen. This dress is just that. Great for any occasion: debutante balls, weddings, grocery shopping, laundry, vacuuming the apartment… I wouldn’t want to do just any old household chores without wearing this dress. It would just be uncivilized, don’t you think?

Zac Posen Laser Cut Skirt, $1,645

Another one of my favorite designers I know I’ll never truly own a classic and timeless piece from his collection (well, at least the non-Target version). Zac Posen has some of the best dresses money can buy. And what could be more classic than this leather skirt?! The skirt is the perfect shape for wearing to work (if you have a job as such) and then straight on to a fabulous party (which we know you have… as such). The flounced hem and scalloped edge keeps it girly while the leather gives it some edge. It’s the best of both worlds!

Aurélie Bidermann Camden XL Gold Plated Studded Leather Cuff, $1,495

Here’s another piece that is glamorous yet edgy. This studded cuff from Aurélie Bidermann is so awesome, you don’t even have to inform people you’re wearing it. They can see the bling from 200 yards away and they already know. The gold studded are amazing, the pink leather is beautiful and the fact that it’s so big, no one can deny that this is the standout piece of any outfit you will ever wear. Ever.

Christian Louboutin Fox Fur Clutch, $2,345

I wouldn’t have a Christmas post without some purses! How can you resist this furry little treat from Christian Louboutin? The purse is sure to stand out against those old boring sequin and satin combinations with both the interesting material and color combination. I know, I know… it’s a fur clutch but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Balmain Black Sequin Cargo Pants, $1,795

Nothing says “fabulous” like a bunch of sequins. Balmain knows just how I feel about this. They have made a pair of cargo pants completely covered in them. This is a pair I would wear everyday as well! Well, who doesn’t love sequins?!

— Taneisha Jordan, Second City Style Fashion Editor and Columnist: Style Sleuth


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