Beauty Buzz: New Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color

December 19, 2011 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

I love getting a gel manicure (especially CND’s Shellac manicure), but let’s face it…they cost quite a bit and I rarely have the time. Wouldn’t it be great to do them yourself at home? Now you can. I recently saw an ad for Nutra Nail Gel Perfect and I knew I had to run out and buy it ASAP. For those of you who think we only review products we are given, you are very wrong. Anyway,

The color I tried

thankfully my Duane Reade on the corner had it! Mind you they tried to charge $14 instead of the $11.99 they charge on the site. But, that’s life in NYC. Everything costs more here, so luckily I had a coupon. Of course I had to try boring sheer pink, but that’s what I normally wear and truth be told, I wasn’t crazy about most of the colors, but YOU may be.

So about an hour ago, when my boys were napping I carefully read the instructions and gave it a try. It was fairly easy, but I did manage to get some paper towel super-glued to the back of two of my fingers which I am now trying to get off. Also, the smell is a little strong, so if you are sensitive or pregnant, I do not recommend you try this. It’s like putting on 4 coats of polish and you don’t need a UV/LED light! It seriously took me about 8 minutes total (probably 5 for the average person with some skill at applying polish) and they were dried to an ultra shiny finish in minutes. I also noticed my usually thin nails (which require a strengthener, which I did not use) are rock hard! Let’s see how long this lasts, but so far…I’m in love. I hope they come out with more colors I like soon!

They try to sell you their remover, but any acetone remover will work. Just let it sit on your nails for a couple of minutes.

I HATE it when people take pictures of their manicures, but thought you might want to see the finished product.

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color, $11.99

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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2 Responses to Beauty Buzz: New Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color

  1. Do you know if it dries out your nails like Shellac does? My nails have been in disrepair since doing Shellac and other UV manicures. I can’t even get nail strips to stay on my nails longer than 6 hours! 🙁 They are that bad. I feel so crappy without nail polish on.

  2. Lauren Dimet Waters says:

    Really? The CND Shellac didn’t hurt my nails, but the OPI one sure did! They were a mess for a while. I will report back on the state of nails when I remove this. So far they look great, feel really strong/thick and are super shiny.

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