Second City Style’s Picks For Worst & Best Trends of 2011

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2011 Trends We Hated & Hope Die in 2012

1. Designer Collaboration Overload

Missoni for Target (which sold out in a nanosecond leaving EVERYONE frustrated), Versace for H&M, Liberty London for Nike, Kardashians for OPI & Sears (don’t even get us started), Heidi Klum for New Balance, Hello Kitty for Vans (if I see anyone over 16 in these I will lose it), Swarovski for Doc Martens, etc. Some may seem like a great idea in theory, but how will you look sporting that slinky red Versace for H&M dress with the black eye you surely received for finding it? Please, buy what you like and don’t overpay for crap that has a celebrity name attached. Can’t we all put an end to the vice grip the Kardashians have on our good senses? Also, Bravo proved without a shadow of a doubt that celebrities basically pull their favorite designer items from their closets, dump them on their dining room table and tell the brand they are working with to rip them off (Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan shoe collection).

Bensoni RTW Fall 2011

2. See-Through (Sheer) Tops and Bottoms

A more modest alternative to the pantsless trend of a couple years ago, women decided to wear pants again this year. As long as you could see right through them. We didn’t like this when we lived through Madonna wearing it back then and we certainly do not want to see her in her 50’s doing it again! Do you really think we want to see your shirt tucked into your see-through skirt? Not so much.

Sheer Hose? Oh no!

3. Sheer Hosiery

Speaking of sheer pieces, the mania surrounding this year’s Royal Wedding and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, brought the idea of sheer hosiery back into discussion. We say unless you’re Her Royal Majesty, the Queen herself, STOP trying to bring them back. We don’t want them. The word hosiery alone makes us break out in hives. Nuff said.

Gross-out competition between Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj

4. SMH (Shaking My Head) Fashion

The two icons of envelope-pushing fashion, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, continued to battle it out for who was the most outlandish and, at times, the most gross. Lady Gaga’s roster included making an entrance to the Grammys in an egg, inserting pointy cheek bone implants into her face and telling the public her first fragrance will be a mixture of “blood and semen.”  Nicki Minaj continued to sport bright pink bobs, Alexander McQueen shoes and Betsey Johnson dresses. We think she may have been beat.

Meagan Good Looking Oh So Bad in Her Boots

5. Over-the-Knee-Boots

OK, so this trend actually began in earnest in 2009, but it keeps on keeping on and now so many women who should not be wearing them, are. You know who you are.

Blogger Bun

6. The Messy Bun Piled On Top of the Head (Blogger Bun)

Favored by street style bloggers this hairstyle became the laughing stock of many. It basically says: My hair is too long and needs a color job bad, but I’m too broke to pay a hair stylist so until I’m comped I am stuck with this mess. It does not compliment the designer clothes they stole from Mommy’s closet or the designer bag they snuck onto Daddy’s credit card.

This is some fugly nail polish!

7. Ugly Nail Polish Colors

Face it, no man is ever going to tell you he loves that cement-mud color. Nor is he going to flip his lid for your glaring yellow talons. If you are over the age of 20, stay away from hideous nail colors. That goes for the crackle trend too. Just let your nails go for a full month for the same effect.


Trends We Liked in 2011

1. Color Blocking

Forget everything you ever learned in your adolescent circles about bright pink and red clashing together. The new rule is they do in fact go, so wear them together. A lot.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW

2. Sculpted Shoulders

For anyone who wants an exaggerated silhouette, choose this look over inserting fake bones into your face (see: #4 above).

3. Longer Hemlines

We especially like the pencil skirt over-the-knee. So flattering for most women and hides a multitude of figure flaws. A saviour for any woman over 35.

Rachel Roy Fall 2011 RTW

4. Pegged Ankle Trousers

Not only do they give a slimming silhouette, they are a brilliant way to show off your designer shoes!

W118 by Walter Baker Barry Faux Fur Vest

5. Fur Vests

Busted. Yes, we know this trend actually made it big in 2010, but it obviously isn’t going anywhere (bonus points to whoever bought theirs on sale at the end of the season last year). Yet, we are continuously amazed by the versatility and mileage of the fur vest – over sweaters, blouses, jackets or coats it’s a sure-fire hit. We wear them over coats for added warmth and to instantly change a coat to a new design.

DKNY Jeans Fair Isle Knit Open Front Cardigan

6. Fair Isle Prints

These warm and fuzzy patterns, often associated with ski lodge style, have probably been so popular this fall and winter because people are wearing them in an attempt to channel actual winter weather. Like an old-fashioned rain dance, we think that if we wear clothing associated with snow, we can beat this global warming thing and it will stop being 60 degrees in December.

7. Animal Prints

Some of us at Second City Style have embraced the pattern for years. Others of us resisted…until this year. Then we couldn’t get enough. Bring on the leopard print, the snakeskin print and zebra stripes. We are all over them!


Best and Worst Trend in One


Best because it is an interesting and mod shape. Worst because of functionality issues: you can’t carry all handbags, can’t drive with all capes, can’t hold onto a handle on the subway…or your cup of coffee. You just have to stand there with your arms down and look pretty.

This post was a collaboration of the Second City Style editorial staff. Happy New Year!

Photos: NY Mag, Style Bistro,,, Stylist, Buzzfeed, Target, H&M

Images: Second City Style

Shopping Info: DKNY Jeans Fair Isle Knit Open Front Cardigan, now $87.99 and W118 by Walter Baker Barry Faux Fur Vest, now $148

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