Beauty Buzz: Emma Watson’s Official Lancôme Ad Hits

January 3, 2012 • Advertorial, Beauty, Fashion Blog

Remember when SCS posted the prototypes of Emma Watson‘s upcoming Lancôme campaign? Well, those pictures are finally out and what we ended up with was more of a traditional beauty campaign.

The official photo for Rouge in Love lipstick shows Emma in an over the shoulder pose against a silver, glittery backdrop. Rouge in Love (a lipstick line) and Vernis in Love (a nail polish line) will both debut next month in February. The 24 polishes will be sold in pairs, with one color recommended for the hands and the other for the feet. As for the lipsticks, they are divided into three categories: Jolis Matins (everyday colors and nudes), Lipsticks in the Boudoir Time (colors with white or silver sparkles in them), and Tonight Is My Night (bold colors with gold sparkles).

What do you think? Should they have kept what they had or is this picture more of your liking?

– Taneisha Jordan

Source & Photo: WWD

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