Male Box: David Beckham Shows the Goods for H&M

January 4, 2012 • Advertorial, Fashion Blog, Fashion for the Masses, Male Box, Under-Pinnings

We know that the week after a two-week holiday is causing some of you guys to feel the serious Wednesday slump at work today. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to bring you ladies (and a few gentlemen) the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M campaign!

The first collection presents the nine key products pieces. There are four underpant styles – briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and woven boxers; three tops – David’s perfect T-shirt, vest and Henley; and then two bodywear styles – pyjama bottoms, and also long johns (which appease both men and women). This collection, going on sale at 1,800 stores worldwide on Feb. 2, will be the first in a long- term partnership with H&M, which will seasonally develop with new styles, new fabrics and new patterns which will all follow the quality-focused blueprint of David’s new classics. Expect low price points, with the long johns clocking in the highest point at $29.95. Beckham had high hopes for the upcoming line:

Working with a team has always been a key part of my life and I found that to be the same when developing this range. Collectively with my design team we spent time working on the feel, fit and style to ensure the product is not only something I would wear but one which I would be proud to put my name to. I always want to challenge myself and this was such a rewarding experience for me. I’m very happy with the end result and I hope H&M’s male customers will be as excited as I am.

That’s lovely. Now, let’s look at some more pictures of David Beckham in his underroos, shall we?

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: H&M

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