Beauty Buzz. Bobbi Brown’s Take on the Projected Color of the Year

January 6, 2012 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Bobbi Brown's Neons &Nudes collection

So it just began to get cold. So what? February is around the corner and with that, comes the wondrous slew of trials, errors and experimentation known as Spring beauty (cue the choir). And before we had even ushered in 2012, beauty experts were throwing out their picks and pans for the notable colors of the new year. So far, the general consensus has been a bright tangerine as the THE color to make waves this year. Will we be seeing it on the runways? Undoubtedly. But for those of us that may want to try the trend at home, the legendary beauty guru Bobbi Brown is there to help.

Brown’s latest contribution will likely be another game changer. She has, what calls, “honed what she does best” with a collection of both neutrals and bright shots of color, aptly named Neons & Nudes. The collection features this popular popsicle orange, along with other try-if-you-dare shades like electric violet and a hotter than hot pink, each in lipsticks, glosses, and highly pigmented single eye shadows. But as the yin to the neon’s yang, the nudes will surely prove just as valuable, if not essential to paring down the rest of the face.  The Ultra Nudes Eye Palette are six creamy pigments that can serve as both a base for the colors and the background against which they’ll shine the most. Basically, it’s a match made in spring beauty heaven. Thanks again, Bobbi!


-Alia Rajput

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