Retail Detail. Guess Who’s Still (Unfortunately) Around? American Apparel.

January 6, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Fashion for the Masses, Retail Detail, Shopping

Yup. We are ALL hoping that the beginning of 2012 meant the demise of the bankrupt American Apparel and it’s slimeball creep of a CEO, Dov Charney, to finally get tossed on the street. Alas, no such plans are in action. Yet.

After a full year of allegations claiming the company uses unfair hiring policies, prefers attractive people over others, mandates grooming rules, and—oh yeah—sexual harassment cases filed against Charney by former employees, it’s clear to see why the company’s been flailing for awhile. Charney has bumbled along, seemingly sponging money off whatever investors he could dupe. But we have to say we’re kinda surprised that it’s still working.

According to New York magazine, the company’s December’s sales increased a solid 15 percent over the same month last year, bringing in a total of $56.3 million. They note the sales spikes can be partially attributed to “better overall organization and rising online sales” But the biggest company that came to their rescue was Groupon, who featured an uber-successful discount deal on the brand. And their young, unwashed, sparkly spandex-loving demographic answered the call.

According to WWD, the company sold about 100,000 Groupon deals the week before Black Friday, which have already been used to to purchase over 150,000 garments. Hence, the sales gains. Of course Charney had something to say on the topic, noting, “We’re getting our groove back a bit.” Yeeeeah, check back with us after the retail drought of January. Thanks, bye.


-Alia Rajput

Article Source: NY Mag, WWD

Photo Source: Flickr

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