Bad Judgement du Jour. Lindsay Lohan’s FCUK Fragrance Ad

January 11, 2012 • Bad Judgement, Beauty, Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

How could we start 2012 off with nary a nod to our most beloved hot mess, Lindsay Lohan? True, Lilo has been laying low since her most recent legal battles (we even kind of forgot about her during the Kardashian split). Yet you can always count on her to creep back into the picture before any other celeb-soaked scandal takes precedence in our minds.

This time, she’s returned to us in a provocative and steamy ad for FCUK’s latest fragrance, Friction. What we didn’t originally know, however, is that Lohan never actually posed for the ad, the British-based company just used one of the images from her eye-brow raising spread for Muse magazine. Laying on her back and burying her face in model Petey Wright’s hair, Lohan looks ever the tart that we know she’s capable of being. The best part is, the spread (and now ad) was shot by Yu Tsai, the same photographer who shot her for Playboy. Natch.

The only oversight that FCUK had in the planning of this off-kilter campaign is, does anyone really want to smell like Lohan these days? And if so, instead of the “alluring blend of fresh citrus, sensual musk and warm woods” that “Friction” promises to be, wouldn’t something more like courtroom air freshener, unwashed hair and booze be a more accurate recipe? Ouch. Yeah, we went there.


-Alia Rajput

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  1. Christa says:

    It’s a great photo of Lindsey. But what a name for a fragrance. FCUK – I guess that UK stands for United Kindom and it is not that some letters where changed. Frankly, I would like to know how it smells.

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