Chicago Events. Six Questions with Frédéric Fekkai

January 12, 2012 • Chicago, Events, Fashion Blog, Yahoo

The Windy City got an extra dose of glamour on Tuesday when world renowned style icon Frédéric Fekkai made an exclusive appearance at ULTA in Chicago to share his tips and tricks for glamorous and luxurious hair. Second City Style got to snag a few minutes with Fekkai:

Your philosophy is “focus on the individual”. How do you relate your client and their personal style to their hair?
The most important thing for hairstylists, believe it or not, is to spend time on the consultation. It only takes about three to five minutes for figure out the style of your customer. What is it that your lifestyle is about and then give ideas for their silhouette and their lifestyle. Make sure that the style can work for you. What makes a great hairstyle is texture. If you have great texture, and you have the bounce, the shine and the body, then you can keep it up at home and it looks amazing.

What inspires you?
A lot, believe it or not, is the street. You see a lot of people out there with different styles. And sometimes you can see they have a good style but it is not for them. They say “this is how I want to look” but they can’t get it just right. I want to make that better. Also, movies and fashion shows.

Guests waiting on Mr. Fekkai

What would you believe to be your signature hair product?
I think my signature product would be the Signature Glossing Cream. This is magic. It’s a glossing cream that works for everybody. Not only does it bring you shine and keeps the frizz away. I have it on my hair right now and that’s why it looks shiny.

What trends do you see emerging?
The trends are very eclectic. And thank god they are! The trends are defined differently these days. It’s about the style that works for people in general. Hair is like an accessory for me. There’s no trend per se that anyone should follow.

What is your biggest hair “no-no”?
When the hair doesn’t move. Or it’s too stiff. It doesn’t move and it’s overdone.

You’ve been in the hair styling business for many years and seen every type of hair situation one could ever imagine. Any special tip you can give our readers?
The most important thing is to have healthy hair. Two things: 1.) that you have a great treatment for your hair in the shower always because that’s daily use and 2.) and make sure to dry your hair downward and never against the hair. If you dry up, it creates frizz. If you dry down, you make it smooth and close the shaft of the hair, making it smooth.

Frederic was so nice!

– Taneisha Jordan

Photos: SCS

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