Cheers to These Men Who Were Not at the Golden Globes

January 17, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Fashion Shows, Male Box

Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody and Emile Hirsch at the Prada Fall 2012 Menswear show

It must take a certain presence to woo a movie star away from the first red carpet of the season at the Golden Globes. Unless of course, you’re not nominated for anything, not presenting an award, or you happen to be a man. Those dapper dudes we all know and love often serve as mere accessories to their female counterparts (even if they’re the ones more famous) and we can imagine they may not be too broken up about skipping a carpet or two. Hence, the influx of familiar faces at the Prada Fall 2012 Menswear show in Milan on Sunday night. Miuccia Prada tapped several well-known American faces to strut the runway in a gesture that was meant to reflect, “the comings and goings of players and power.”

The elaborately layered collection featured lots of military-esque coats, (complete with stuffed breast pockets), shearling collars, slim-fitting pants and little round spectacles that only John Lennon or Sherlock Holmes could pull off. But enough of the collection, this is not a menswear blog! We just loved the motley crew of actors that Prada picked! Adrien Brody (whose still cruising off the fame of his Halle Berry smooch), William Defoe (Best. Villain voice. Ever), Emile Hirsch (dies in that nature movie), Tim Roth (I mean, being Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs and the robber in Pulp Fiction does a lasting career make) and Gary Oldman (two words: Sirius Black). I just wish they would have live-streamed the after party!

Tim Roth

William Defoe

Unfortunately, the fashion community and Hollywood aren’t always the best of friends and this case was no exception. According to Eric Wilson’s Times review, Tron: Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund “committed at least two cardinal sins of modeling — first making eye contact with the audience and, second,  at the end of the show, he was pretending to play piano along with the soundtrack.” Blaspheme. Meanwhile, Bell and Hirsch just looked too short. “No offense, fellas, but modeling is for tall folk,” Wilson wrote. And while, I usually tend to agree with Eric Wilson’s opinion, looking through the collection and even at male model’s in general, I think that’s a little too generalized of a statement. There’s a lot of little guys on the runways these days. In any case, I applaud these men for something something out of the box and hey, at least they could be sure that everyone was looking at them for once.

 -Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: NY Mag

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