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January 23, 2012 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur

I don’t love clutches. I generally find that even two bags don’t suit my daily needs, let alone one very small one. As an urban dweller sans automobile, most days I’m away from home for at least twelve hours. Who knows what you might need during that time? But I know my faithful duo of a messenger bag and Longchamp-cum-gym-bag will rarely take me from day to evening. I started this article thinking I would feature a well curated collection of oversize envelope clutches. Clutches so large they doubled as handbags — totes, even. But then I started to shop around, and I discovered that petite, creatively designed clutches can actually be kind of wonderful,  perhaps even covetable.

So, here they are — clutches so fabulous you won’t even miss your oversized bag. At least, not too much.

1. Kate Spade New York Barclay Street Ship Clutch, $358
I confess, this is the glorious clutch that turned it all around. It’s asymmetrical, shaped like a ship, and comes in black patent leather. Plus it has that adorable red, white and blue striped interior. Nautical inspiration is always classic, especially when it’s Kate Spade, but this little gem has just enough quirk to keep it unique.

2. Chloe Color-block Leather Envelope Clutch, $450
I had to stick an envelope clutch in here somewhere. I showed great restraint though — it’s not even that big. But its beautiful, geometric patterning and pop of lime green make it instantly special. Who needs a large clutch when Hannah MacGibbon has outfitted you with a seemingly petite one? (It has expandable sides!)

3. Jimmy Choo Candy Mirror Clutch, $595:

Shiny gold things: they will distract me from everything. Even the fact that this gorgeous clutch couldn’t expand to fit all my stuff to save its life. But it delights with its mirrored finish, gold chain strap and super shiny geometric layering. I’m in love.

4. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoire Illustre, $330

This is the strangest clutch of the bunch, but it delights me the most. It is super small, but it features an illustration of an old woman and a young porter and I adore it. There is nothing more wonderful than insouciance, and leave it to Mr. Jacobs to always infuse it in his designs. If I have to clutch it, this is my top pick.

5. Alexander McQueen Studded Knuckle Duster Clutch, $2480

But, then there’s this one – which also doubles as your jewelry for the night! It’s bejeweled, sparkly, silver and gold, and is marked with a McQueen skull.

Old ladies and skulls. I love clutches.

— Amanda Aldinger

Image Layout: Kristine Horton

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  1. Amanda, a striking selection of clutches, very beautiful and unique designs. I have to say Chloe and Jimmy Choo tick all the “latest look” boxes for us! Love the colour palette from Chloe and for that stunning glitzy look you can’t beat Jimmy Choo.
    A worthy selection of stunning clutches!

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