Lana Del Ray is On the Cover of British Vogue

February 3, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog, Industry

Lana Del Ray

Wondering who that smoky-voiced vamp was on SNL the other weekend? Curious as to who this girl EVERYONE is currently to on Spotfy is? Why, it’s Lana Del Ray and British Vogue would like you to meet her. The U.K. fashion tome raised some eyebrows yesterday when they put the emerging vocal sensation on the cover of their March issue, a big ticket issue for the year and one usually reserved for mainstream faces and household names. But nevertheless, there she is. A willowy figure and what New York Magazine calls “hauntingly vacant blue eyes” staring out at you from the otherwise pink and girly front cover.

And like every overnight sensation, Del Ray is dealing with her fair share of lovers and haters in the music world. Some critics are panning her album and already yawning over her sultry singles. But in the fashion world, editors and designers alike are just starting to perk up their ears. Editor in Chief of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, stood by her choice, noting in her editor’s letter. “I am many of the thousands of people enraptured by the throaty, seductive voice of Lana Del Rey … Once I had seen Lana play at a small event in London, I was convinced that she would be a great Vogue cover girl, even though she is probably one of the newest stars in her field that the magazine has ever had on the cover.”

As far as Del Ray’s personal style, she did touch on her preference to stay unfussy in her Vogue cover interview, saying “If I’m going to be on television, I guess I should wear something nice, but that’s as far as it goes.” well, now that she is officially a cover girl, we hope she’s able to rise to the title. What do you think, dear readers? Is it refreshing to see an up and coming star on such a major magazine cover? Or is she still too unknown to be held in the spotlight?


-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: NY Mag

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