Project Runway All Stars, Season 1 Episode 5: Clothes Off Your Back. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

February 3, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Television, Yahoo

Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Episode 5 Designers

Has the newness and excitement of the revamped Project Runway finally worn off, or is the fifth episode of All Stars just a ho-hum blip among many more diverting shows to come? I guess we’ll have to wait and watch to see, but in the mean time we get to revisit a rather un-exciting challenge. Not that the challenge itself wasn’t very clever. It was a bit madcap and fun to watch the designers scamper about Central Park looking for a muse, who would: 1. Inspire them to create a fashion forward look and 2. Give them the very clothes off their backs. It was especially fun when Anthony had a particularly fine looking young man strip down to his barely there boxer briefs.

Other than getting to see a scantily clad man, there wasn’t too much excitement. Few of the designers seemed truly inspired by the clothing they were able to collect from the random pedestrians in the park. While no one was thrilled with this challenge, Mondo seemed to be most content, since he first became interested in fashion by taking already made clothing and turning the pieces into something new. Joanna Coles even commented that street fashion is his thing, so Mondo wasn’t too frantic. Michael, coming off two wins, was a bit uninspired with this challenge. Maybe it was because he was only able to con a sorry looking crocheted shawl off a girl? – Probably. But rather than be too concerned with this week’s look, he was more concerned with how Kenley is finishing Kara’s garment for her, which, let’s face it, would be pretty annoying. Kara, if you can’t finish your own garments, you shouldn’t be on the show, PERIOD.

Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Episode 5 Judges Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, Angela Lindvall and Sean Avery

Thankfully all three women designers were safe from elimination this week, as their garments didn’t stand out in a necessarily good nor bad way. But honestly it’s getting pretty hard to tell which garments the judges like or dislike and while I’m questioning their judging technique, I’m also going to question their overall taste levels as well.  The top designs included Rami, Mondo and Austin, although the judges found faults with each look. Yes, those looks were the best out of the bunch and they picked the clear winner, Mondo, whose design was eye-catching, fashion forward and quite spot on down to the last detail. And with the bottom three looks belonging to Michael, Jerell and Anthony, they too were pretty bad, excluding Anthony’s since his jumpsuit was pretty cute, it just didn’t have 50% or more of the clothing nabbed from the streets. But I do question the judges’ abilities on whether they can see clearly. How in the world Jerell and his tasteless, mish-mash ensemble of stripes, tie-dye and ethnic prints didn’t get the boot the second his model walked down the runway is beyond me. Isaac’s only problem with it was that she was showing too much stomach. Isaac, that was the least of that looks problem! Michael’s look was better, but only slightly compared to Jerell’s. His looked was poorly fit, bagging in unattractive places as well as showing half the model’s rear-end.  But sadly it was Anthony and his funny quips who was sent home this week. Not that his outfit wasn’t appealing, but because he didn’t follow the directions of the challenge. Anthony, you are not an All Star.

Mondo - You are the winner of this challenge!

Austin's Design

Rami's Design

Jerell's Design

Michael's Design

Anthony, You are out!

Memorable Quotes:

All the women say no, but all the men say yes. –Anthony

Peek-a-boo. –Joanna Cole

Jerell, not exactly sure what’s going on with that. It looks like someone’s coming to America. –Anthony

I’m not sure if I was interested in the shirt or the boy. –Anthony

These slightly remind me of doilies. –Joanna Cole

Jerell’s dress is the most tasteless thing I’ve ever seen. –Austin

Kenley is loud. If a black person says you are loud, you are too loud. –Anthony

She looks like someone who should be in Lion King. –Isaac Mizrahi

I first wrote down Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at burning man on acid. –Sean Avery

No girl would show that much stomach, no matter how far down town. –Isaac Mizrahi

No one loves a jumpsuit more than me. –Isaac Mizrahi

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–Bonnie J Brown

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