Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’12. Nicholas K Says “Draw.”

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Summary: We like to think that after as many fashion weeks as we’ve covered, nothing could surprise us. And yet, at 9 a.m. on the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the last thing we were expecting to see was an amalgamation of goth rock and cowboys at Nicholas K.  But don’t be so quick, as we ourselves have learned, to write the collection off as just that. Sure, the aesthetic seemed a bit costumey at first glance; backpacks and utility belts and, of course, ten gallon hats made the prospector reference almost a little too literal for our tastes. But upon closer inspection, we absolutely fell in love. Like a good collection should, this line reveals something new each time you look at it (and it should, considering how many layers upon layers were piled on top of each model!)

The garments are just, for lack of a better term, the epitome of cool. This is what the cool kids will be wearing, come fall 2012. The overt inspiration of the Arizona desert was extended past the wide brims and dusty palette- the proportions were genius as the pieces enveloped themselves in and out of each other. Distressed sweaters, high-necked coats, ponchos  and snoods (!) all toed the line between wild wild west and an almost post-apocalyptic, “Matrix”-esque quality. The sleek bobs in black, silver and copper and the smokey eyes and black lips gave each model an almost robotic, “Stepford Wives of the future” quality; expect better dressed and a lot more badass. The guys looked like Luke Skywalker with a stylist. And the mostly casual, heavily layered looks were punctuated by the occasional swish of fringe and splash of sparkle, to remind us that goth cowboys like to dress up too.

Overall, Nicholas K presented an example of a richly curated collection, where each piece is an integral part of the story and, because of that, it is worth a second, third or fourth look. We’re still enjoying ourselves as we look at it now….

Fabrics and Textures: knit, cotton, silk, canvas, leather, suede, mink, cotton, shearling

Key Looks: Clark Hoody, Zuma Jacket, Kenya Dress, Eldan Sweater, Garbo Shirt, Mercer Coat, Garriosn Jacket, Cole PaPonchont, Fleet Long Sleeve, Noca Coat, Boca Sweater, Maya Short Dress, Dax Sweater, Esme Dress, Eve Sweater, Cyrus Coat, Lark Pant, Koda Dress, Essex Zipfront, Bronx T, Kanver Coat, Breslin Jacket, Bevy Top, Jedda Boot

–Alia Rajput

Photos: NYMag

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