Fashion At The 2012 Grammys: Julianne Hough, Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and More!

February 13, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

The Grammys do two things for fashion. 1) They prove that music stars don’t know how to dress and 2) They prove that music stars try really REALLY hard to make a statement (ahem Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, MIA, etc., etc., etc.) We never know what to expect when the Grammys come around, especially when Gaga is in attendance, for instance, so when stars actually dress well it’s like a breath of fresh air.  Not all of them did, so before we get into the crazy looks of the evening, let’s pay homage to the ones that did. Here are the best dressed at the 2012 Grammy Awards followed by the bizarre fashion we’ve become privy to.

Glamour Girls

Julianne Hough in Kaufman Franco

Julianne Hough does look stunning. Another one of those cases where the girlfriend outshines the musician (or in this case, music industry) boyfriend.

Jessie J in Julien MacDonald

Singer Jessie J said she looked like a disco ball.  We concur.

Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferretti

In a night of music get-ups that we love to hate, this was so completely refreshing.  Since Beyonce wasn’t there (and even if she was) we think Kelly Rowland told sold it for the Destiny’s Child crew.

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

The princess of country music always looks like she’s in a fairy tale.  Wearing Zuhair Murad stepped it up a notch, adding some dimension to her style with hand embroidery and lavishness.  No wonder Swift remarked that this outfit was among her favorites in her short span of couture.

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

Still don’t understand that gray hair, but the dress is decent.

Rihanna in Giorgio Armani

I know Rihanna was trying to make a new statement with this jaw-dropping low-cut gown but it’s relatively simple by Rihanna standards (and sort of classy in a really sexy way.) Also, am I the only one who is reminded of J.Lo’s stint at the 2000 Grammys when she wore that low-cut jungle print number by Versace that got tongues wagging?

Adele in Giorgio Armani

Classic, modest, beautiful, spectacular. No words to describe this Adele getup except understated glamour. Adele killed it tonight and she didn’t need her dress to do it after winning six Grammys and having a killer performance on stage after a comeback. (She had vocal cord surgery.) We’re still wondering why she wore retail value Aldo shoes with this dress but we’ll let that one slide…

Taraji P Henson in Basler

Don’t like the animal prints so much, but unique pink color and nice fit  pulls it from the depths of worst dressed hell!

Lily Aldridge in Gucci

Much in the way Emily Blunt outshined husband John Krasinski when she wore that showstopping green Oscar de la Renta number, Lily Aldridge outshines her Kings of Leon hubby with this gorgeous print maxi from Gucci. Never seen a pregnant woman look better!

Kathy Griffin in Michael Kors

Kathy Griffin may have a loud mouth but she also has a beautiful body and she showed it off with this fantastic one-shoulder ruched gown from Michael Kors! She looks like a Grecian goddess. Well done, Kathy!

Paris Hilton in Basil Soda

Paris Hilton suddenly thinks she’s a music star? At least her dress was pretty and not over-the-top.

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia

Shiny, beautiful. Enough said.

Bizarre (or in Second City Style’s words: WTF Were They Thinking?!)

Lady Gaga

They say this is tame by Gaga standards, but she’s dressed as a black robot…with a face mask…and carrying a scepter.  Yikes!

Sasha Gradiva

Who is Sasha Gradiva and why does she have a gun attached to her arm?

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier

Tangerine lace couture dress = hot mess and yes, while we love Jean Paul Gaultier, this was not the dress for Fergie to wear.  Plus, she underlined it with a black bikini just like in the Spring/Summer 2012 haute couture runway show. As in straight off the runway. As in, not cool. As in, Fergie, you’re trying too hard.

Nicki Minaj in Versace

We should have known this was Versace from the face emblem on the cloak.  Similar to Donatella’s stunning Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  But this red mess was no stunner.  We know Nicki Minaj is a diva like Donatella but she went too far bringing this fake pope to the scene. Sometimes I wish she’d just stop trying to be Gaga and start looking beautiful.

Katy Perry in Elie Saab

Liked this number on the runway when Arizona Muse was wearing it, and it might have looked OK on Katy, too, if she didn’t match her hair to the dress. Not sure if she should have dyed it bright pink or lavender, but this look is a no-no. But hey, it’s the Grammys!

–Simona Kogan


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