He Said/She Said: The Celebrity Fashions of the 84th Academy Awards (Rooney Mara, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow)

February 27, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

Kermit & Miss Piggy

Kermit & Miss Piggy

I really think Miss Piggy and Kermie Wormie were the standout couple of the evening. Then we have the rest and some did better than others when it came to walking down the red carpet. Shall we take a look?

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa

Joseph: I really wanted to like this dress because it hits the key black-and-white trend for Spring 12, but I just can’t get over the ill-fitting bodice. The top needed more structure.

Lauren: I totally agree. This dress needed some serious tailoring! I normally love Marchesa on the red carpet, but this fell flat. Now I question the black/white trend for spring.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

Joseph: Easily one of my best dressed of the evening. The tailoring is impeccable. This is how you take all the glamour of the powerful women of the 30s and 40s into today – without the monster double shoulder pads!

Lauren: This was hands down my favorite look of the entire evening! At first I thought it was going to be Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab, but THEN I saw Gwyneth and she was dethroned. Tom Ford can do no wrong in my opinion. However, once Gwyneth removed the cape she was wearing a rather boring white gown…and one that could have been fitted a little better.

Cameron Diaz in Gucci

Joseph: This dress is beautiful and uniquely Frida Giannini. Her early seasons at Gucci sort of re-hashed earlier Tom Ford offerings, but now she has really come into her own. Her viewpoint on sexiness is really quite modern and this dress totally exemplifies it.

Lauren: Granted the dress is quite beautiful, but let’s discuss it on Cameron. It was just what I imagined her in. No surprise. I am also curious what she has done to her face? She’s not looking as beautiful as she once did. Then again, who is?

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Joseph: I think this was the perfect example of how an actress should dress when she is not nominated. Let the B-list actresses desperately scramble for attention. Angelina is far too confident to have to try too hard.  She looks amazing without pulling focus. This is Brad’s night, not hers.

Lauren: I agree this gown was perfect for Angelina as a presenter and the arm candy of a nominee, but there is no denying she did try to steal the show once she was on stage. That exposed leg almost looked fake! The best part of the evening was when the winners she presented made fun of her. Lighten up Angie! You scare me.

Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera

Joseph: I love that Carolina chose only her to dress for the evening.  She looks elegant and appropriate – two words we rarely associate with the funny girls – see Kathy Griffin. The peplum is so important this season and I’m really glad to see it on one of the more “real” women on the red carpet. Any glamazon can work the peplum, but Tina shows the real women of the world how to rock it!

Lauren: I totally agree. Tina Fey just keeps getting better and better. I love the navy and the peplum.

Meryl Streep in Lanvin

Joseph: This is a brand we usually associate with red carpet risk takers like Julianna Moore. I’m delighted to see it on Meryl.  She was nominated for her role as a skirt-suited 80s powerbroker and I fully expected her to work her femininity – most likely in Donna Karan. The choice of brand was a surprise but the silhouette and the draping were just what you would expect.

Lauren: I have to tell you…I was surprised to find out this gown was Lanvin. While it is a vast improvement over what Meryl normally chooses to wear on the red carpet, I did not like the material close-up! It looked cheap which is not a word I normally pair with the brand. I also thought it made her look a little top heavy.

J.Lo in Zuhair Murad

Joseph: A little too tight, a little too low cut, all in barely there nude color – just what you would expect from J.Lo. This illusion beading will probably be really important for prom season but I have to be honest say that I think that Octavia Spencer did it better. I just think that this style of dressing sends the wrong message to women of all ages about what sexy is and how much you have to bare to be it.

Lauren: Oh J.Lo, J.Lo, J.Lo. No! You were one of the women I thought would rock it (she has been stellar on American Idol)…and you didn’t. Was that a little nip-slip we also caught while you were presenting with Cameron? In so many ways that 3 minutes was painful to watch. Give J.Lo a red carpet and she has to whore it up. Too tight, too tacky, too desperate!

Emma Stone in Giambatista Valli

Joseph: Red hair in a red dress on a red carpet – it all makes me see RED.  Sometimes “too much” is simply too much! This was NOT the season to rock red on the red carpet.  Everyone compared this to Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga, but the truth is I think that the more relevant comparison is Julianne Moore in the bright pink Lanvin at last year’s Golden Globes. This shade of red simply doesn’t work with her coloring and she’s not fashion forward enough to carry off the silhouette.

Lauren: I totally agree. I hate when the dress and hair colors are the same (take note Ellie Kemper in Amrani). Red on the red carpet was so last year and Emma looks like she is being swallowed by that giant bow. Too bad. I was hoping she would wow us again.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Joseph: Even before she accepted her Oscar, she was a winner in this dress. The fit, the coverage, and the illusion beading all combine to make her one of my Best Dressed of the evening. Women of the world take note – you don’t have to be model thin to be well dressed, feminine and sexy! This is one look that I hope to see copied by women everywhere.

Lauren: Perfection. I also love that while so many designers were trying to woo her she stuck with Tadashi Shoji. That is so admirable. Why mess with a good thing? I totally concur with your statement about being well-dressed, feminine and sexy, no matter your size. Octavia has wowed us on every red carpet this season. I am so happy for her win too.

Glenn Close in Zac Posen

Joseph: This is what happens when you have too many good ideas and try to put them all into one look. I really want to like this outfit, but I just can’t.  I love the color. I love the shawl collar tuxedo jacket. I love the fishtail. I love the way the bodice is constructed. Together – it’s a complete disaster.

Lauren: I hate to say this, I rather agree. However, do you know how hard it is to find a gown that covers your arms these days? It’s damn near impossible! It has been for the past decade. Ask my mother who is dying for a new black tie gown and can’t find one. I believe a woman over 60 should try to cover her arms a bit. Don’t kill me for saying that. So I can’t blame Glenn for going this route. I don’t love the jacket with this dress, but I don’t fault her for it either. Designers really ought to think of their older clientele as well. Design one or two dresses with some sort of sleeve.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture

Joseph: Like an angel from heaven!!! You know I love runway looks on the red carpet – especially haute couture – but lately Givenchy has been more Grammys than Oscars. Think Nikki Minaj in head-to-toe leopard. I was so glad to see something this beautiful at the Oscars. She made it look completely effortless.

Lauren: Meh. I think she looks more like an angel from hell. I was not digging this gown on her. Sorry. A pale white girl in a white dress and severe dark hair, just looks so forced to me. I get she is the representative for hipsters, but I really am not buying this. I hated the bodice. My husband said she looked like Edith Head and I’m inclined to agree (go honey!). She still looks like she could kick my ass, even in the gown.

Viola Davis in Vera Wang

Joseph: I love the skirt of this gown. The play of textures and the asymmetry are so beautiful. I hesitate to give this dress props because I don’t want women out there to think that they can pull of this color. Maggie Smith said it best in Gosford Park:  “Difficult color, green.  Very tricky.” I also don’t understand the bust. Is it meant to remind women to get an annual mammogram? Or are they defibrillator paddles to revive her if she passes out when the winner in her category is announced?

Lauren: Bah! OK, at first I liked this dress and I agree the skirt is beautiful. The color was so striking on the red carpet. However, once I saw her sitting in it I grew to dislike it. The color began to look tacky and with her red hair, it just looked bad and dare I say cheap? I know, Vera Wang cheap right? Well there is that Lavender label and the Kohl’s line, but I digress.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Joseph: The peplum look that is so important this season is all about proportion. Michelle’s dress is simply perfection of proportion personified. This dress made the diminutive actress look positively statuesque. This is how you trick the eye with fabric. The coral color looks as fresh as springtime and is the perfect compliment to her coloring. Kudos for her for taking the chance!

Lauren: I absolutely adored this gown on her! It was one of my favorites of the evening. From head-to-toe I thought she looked stunning. I have nothing to say except…please do it again next year!

Shailene Woodley in Valentino Couture

Joseph: The talking scarecrows on cable TV all thought this dress was “too old” for her but I completely disagree.  She’s introducing an entire generation of young women to beautifully made clothes and – most importantly – showing them that you don’t have to go bare to be sexy or glamorous. Yes – a 60 or 70 year old actress “could” have rocked this gown, but isn’t it refreshing to see a young actress looking so beautiful without looking like a slut? Angelina Jolie did a lot for long sleeves on the red carpet in her green Versace but I think that this takes it to a new level with an even younger audience.

Lauren: Dude, who are you calling a scarecrow? I totally AGREE with the critics who say this dress was too old for her! There is a happy medium between too old and slut. She should have gone there. I think there are a million other gowns that would have looked better on her. She’s 22 not 72! This dress would have been perfect on Glenn Close (or Jane Fonda). I don’t mind the long sleeves, I mind the neckline! Fail, fail, fail.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

Joseph: This literally hurts me to say, but this is another Titanic-level red carpet disaster. She is simply too short waisted to wear this. The bodice of the dress is so long that the bust is pushed up too high. Two words for you – pit cleavage! She’s also too short to carry off the proportions of the embroidery.  It makes her look pear-shaped. With the memory of the Savage Beauty exhibit so fresh in the minds of the fashion folk, why would you even attempt carry off McQueen unless it was utter perfection?

Lauren: I have little to add. You are correct on every point. This looks more Versace than McQueen. Ouch.

Bérénice Bejo in Elie Saab

Joseph: You know how I love current trends on the red carpet, especially when an actress does it right. Mint green is the one shade of the current pastel trend for Spring 12 that is so difficult to get right. Thankfully, she – and Elie Saab – got it absolutely right! The beading enhances the color and gives the dress dimension.  The illusion beading on the sleeves is particularly flattering. Even the worst bingo arms would look great given this treatment.

Lauren: I agree. I love this gown and after seeing Milla Jovovich in her Elie Saab, I think I can say these are red carpet stunners. My only criticism is Bérénice’s posture. She makes the gown look a bit sloppy. No? I’m not sure if it’s the dress or her posture pulling her boobs down, but something isn’t quite right.

– Lauren Dimet Waters & Joseph Ungoco

Photos: Style.com

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