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February 28, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Handbags, Trends


I’m one of those people who swears you can tell everything about a woman by her bag. The style, label, and color can all give so much insight into a woman’s whole persona. Well now there’s one more handbag detail to factor in when judging a woman by her bag–the way she carries it.

Emilia Dlugolecka, stylist and owner of Mr. & Mrs. Digz, has come up with some insight to all about how the way a woman carries her bag.

Across Your Body

This is the woman that needs to keep her limbs free while she’s on the go. She doesn’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, but she’ll probably wearing flats over heels for maximum speed walking to where she’s headed.

In the Crook of Your Elbow

This woman sees no inconvenience at her arm having to remain at a 90 degree angle at all time to hold her bag. It’s worth it to display her (probably high-end) bag, and tell the world that she’s in charge. A woman that carries her bag like this definitely holds the power.

In Your Hand

A lady carries a bag in her hand. Not bothered that it only leaves her with one free hand. She probably loves Mad Men, and longs for the elegance of that time.

One Shoulder

No time for games with this woman. She’s texting, emailing, checking her stock portfolio–all without so much smudging her lipstick.

Throw back, over your back while holding in your hand 

She’s way too laid back to care too much. She knows that she’s got it under control, so why worry?

So what does the way you carry your bag say about you?

-Kat Bremhorst


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