Leighton Meester Inspires Us to Take the Plunge

February 29, 2012 • Celebrity Style, Fashion Blog

A plunging neckline is always a particularly difficult look to pull off. Many factors can make the look appear as if you’re trying too hard or you’re planning on going home with someone after three shots of tequila. For those of us dying to rock this look without the negative connotations, Leighton Meester stepped in to light the way.

At a Miu Miu event in NYC, Meester wore a plunging dress from Prada’s 2012 spring collection. Meester not only pulled this look off, she hit this one out of the ballpark. Here are some tips to make sure you can get this look right.

1. Keep everything else under wraps.  With a look this daring, everything else about your look should be borderline conservative. Think longer hems, conservative sleeves, and demure coloring.

2. Keep it ladylike. With this look to be more sexy Grace Kelly and less Lady Gaga grabbing groceries, keep your accessories ladylike and classy. Meester masters this with a simple, small bag with a pop of color and nude pumps that extend her legs for miles.

3. Think clavicle, not cleavage. With a top like this, you want to avoid cleavage at all points. For those ladies with larger chests, it will be a game of tucking and taping. (Lucky for you smaller chested girls!) Once you’re all tucked in, use some bronzer to accentuate the inconspicuous amount of cleavage you have left.

The finished look is more “Va-va-voom” than “get a room” and now we all can rock it.

– Kat Bremhorst

Photo/Source: Glamour.com

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