Quote of the Day. Carolina Herrera Can Deal with the Big Egos

March 14, 2012 • Designers, Fashion, Fashion Blog

For an interview with CNN, Carolina Herrera spoke about how to deal with all of those big wigs and their egos in the fashion world. Obviously, she speaks the truth:

You have to deal with the fashion egos. You know, there is a lot. It shouldn’t be treated that seriously because fashion is only making dresses to make women look beautiful. We’re not inventing anything new.

Herrera also dished on what it takes to make it in this cutthroat business:

(Fashion is) a very difficult business, as you know, because fashion is a business. If you don’t sell, then you are not in the business. You might be the best designer and you are so creative and new, have the most beautiful ideas, but if they all stay in your room and they don’t go out to be worn by someone, then you are not in business.

Herrera’s name has been a household staple since she started in 1981. Today, her empire encompasses the signature fashion collection, a bridal collection, fragrances and accessories. Herrera has more than 280 stores in 104 countries.

I’m pretty sure she’s my spirit animal.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: CNN
Photo: newsok.com

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