Legally Yours: Alexander McQueen vs. Snooki (Is this for real?)

March 15, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Handbags, Legally Yours

Dusk Til

So apparently in between getting drunk and getting knocked up, Snooki recently had some time to launch a handbag line. But, from what it looks like, not enough time to design completely original handbags.

The handbag line is full of animal print, chains, and at least one  fully legit knock-off. Snooki’s Dusk Till Dawn skull-embellished style is a fold-over clutch featuring hardware that looks eerily similar to the “brass knuckles” on McQueen’s famous knucklebox clutch.

But as despicable as it looks, we’re not sure this battle even worth fighting. One, the handbag line was produced through a licensing company so it’s pretty guaranteed that Snooki had little to no part in the design. And two, come one. It’s Snooki. Do we really need to spoon feed her more attention?


-Kat Bremhorst

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