Admit It…Are You Watching Fashion Star?

March 28, 2012 • Designers, Fashion Blog, Television

OK, I seriously wasn’t going to admit I watch NBC’s Fashion Star. Yet I do. I mean how many fashion shows can one person be expected to watch? Initially I really didn’t care for it. The dancing, over-production, live-music and the editing, not to mention the ‘celebrity’ mentors and stiff Elle McPherson were just too much. I had a headache it was all over the place. It was like watching Project Runway meets Dancing With The Stars. Yet, the more I discussed it with people, the more I realized I liked it. At least there are elements I like. I have concluded I need to watch the show on my DVR so I can fast-forward through most of it. I am able to watch a full episode of Fashion Star in 20 minutes and therefore make it entirely less annoying.

What interests me most is when the buyers bid or pass. I like to hear what they are thinking and how the styles will or won’t translate to their core customers. I also enjoy Nicole Richie‘s comments. I had no idea she was so snarky and for that I like her! Who knew? Also John Varvatos has some great insight as he is a real designer. Jessica Simpson? Well, I do like the tweets they post of hers (“Can’t wait to rock those shorts this summer!”) Girl, you are not rocking shorts this summer…at least I hope not. I digress.

I have even found myself checking the finished products on and and have stopped in my local H&M to see how the styles translate in production. What can I say? Fashion and retail are in my blood. So let’s take a look what’s cooking in stores now that episode 3 is over:

Sarah Parrott's Blue Dress at H&M Episode 1

I was very curious about this dress after seeing it picked up on the show by H&M. I have to say it was a steal for $19.95! I was shocked it was lined and had the pockets. I thought the dress looked better in black, personally, but I have to say H&M pleasantly surprised me. I heard it blew out of the stores too.

Sarah Parrott's Tuxedo Pants at H&M Episode 2

These didn’t translate as well. Yes, they were only $19.95, but white pants need to be lined and these were not. Better in the blue color, but not great.

Sarah Parrott's Maxi Dress H&M Episode 3

H&M really loves Sarah Parrott! I have not checked this dress out yet. I can’t get to H&M until tomorrow so I can’t really say if it passes. However in this pictures the seams don’t match and I’m not crazy about the pattern. OK, so let’s move upmarket to mid-level Macy’s.

Wide-Leg Jersey Halter Jumpsuit by Nikki Poulos at Macy's Episode 3

I have to admit I was a little surprised Macy’s jumped on this jumpsuit. During the runway show (if that’s what you would call it) the fit was horrid! Personally I’m over jumpsuits. Then again I am so long-waisted I can’t wear many. This print just doesn’t do it for me. However, if it does for you it’s only $79! It also comes in lilac (hot color for spring) and black.

Cuffed Pleated Satin Shorts by Ross Bennett at Macy's From Episode 3

OK, I have to admit…I’m sorta routing for Ross Bennett from Dallas. I thought these shorts were adorable! If I thought I could get away shorts this length I would totally buy them. Jessica, darling, you can’t either. Anyway, they are only $59 and also come in a green gingham and pink silk. If I were 24 I would buy all three pairs.

There was also a sleeveless pleated empire waist dress by Lisa Vian Hunter that Macy’s picked up in the second week that sold out in a nanosecond for $99. It was cute, but nothing really special and something we have seen a bazillion times.

Kimono-Sleeve Maxi Caftan Dress by Nikki Poulos at Macy's Episode 1

The first week of the show Macy’s picked up three designers. The maxi shown above sold out, but they have since restocked it. There was also a black & white sleeveless halter dress by Edmond Newton that was totally Macy’s and a asymmetrical jersey tunic by Lizzie Parker. Ho-hum.

Next up…Saks

Kara Larciks Pants & Orly Shani Dress at Saks Fifth Avenue From Episode 3

I was most excitement and for the pants Kara designed and the dress Orly designed. They were two of my favorite looks from last night’s show and I was so happy Saks picked them up because I knew they wouldn’t skimp. Well guess what? I am completely disappointed. Let’s start with the pants. The ivory pair with the back silk tux stripe Kara presented on the runwaystage were gorgeous and I thought for sure that would be the pair Saks would commission. Instead they picked this plaid that is so un-springlike! Yuk. Now let’s talk about Orly’s dress. Saks buyer Terron E. Schaefer went on and on about the pop of color at the hem and in the pockets. Do you see them here? I don’t. Not to mention Olry also showed this dress in two other color combinations I liked so much better. I was left really bummed when I saw these. These 2 I would have bought…I thought.

Plaid Shift Dress by Kara Laricks at Saks from Episode 2

I just realized that this is the same freaking plaid from last night! Same designer…same plaid. I loved this dress, but not in plaid. Again, bummed. For $325 I want it in a solid color. Any color!

Zip Mini Skirt by Orly Shani at Saks From Episode 1

This was a very cool concept! However, I didn’t like they way Saks once again produced it. I would have done a pattern or metallic. This was just sorta blah. Black on black? Well somebody must have loved it because it is sold out!

Are you watching Fashion Star? If so, what do you think? Have you bought anything? Do tell!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: NBC, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, H&M

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