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March 28, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Marc Jacobs has a new scent coming, Claudia Schiffer relives her Guess days and Mexico planning a new sizing system

Jacobs Planning New Scent

Marc Jacobs is planning a major new scent launch with his fragrance licensee, Coty Prestige, which will be out in August in the U.S. Sources noted that the women’s scent — said to be called Marc Jacobs Dot — is intended to be a new pillar in the designer’s lineup, joining his best-selling Daisy and Lola franchises.

Schiffer Returns for Guess 30th Anniversary

To mark its 30th anniversary at retail, Guess Inc. is returning to its roots with fashion icon Claudia Schiffer, a lace bustier and a lot of sex appeal. In an update of the iconic black-and-white photograph snapped by Ellen von Unwerth in 1989 of Schiffer wearing nothing but a bustier, gold hoop earrings and tousled blonde locks, Guess is premiering a new ad campaign highlighting Schiffer, along with a capsule collection inspired by her and other models who have appeared as Guess Girls.

Retailing for between $39 and $138, the 30th Anniversary Collection will hit Guess’ flagships worldwide and department stores such as Macy’s on April 24. It will also be available on a new Web site,, launching specifically for the anniversary.

Mexico Gets its Own Sizing

Mexico’s apparel industry hopes to save some $400 million by 2017 as a result of a study to identify the country’s ideal clothing sizes, paving the way for a sharp reduction in high merchandise-return rates. “We hope to reduce the industry’s return costs by 2 percent a year,” Alejandro Faes, a board member of leading Mexican apparel industry chamber Canaive, told WWD.

Faes said the survey, which showed Mexicans’ average weight and height across 14 cities and several regions, will help clothing manufacturers set up a “Mexican molde” to make more-flattering fits for Latin America’s second-largest apparel market, worth $5 billion in imports. Mexican consumers have for years complained sizes are never big enough or long enough for a generally short and often overweight population.

By knowing Mexicans’ measurements, “current problems linked to the manufacture and commercialization of clothing” can be diminished, Faes said. And by understanding the anthropomorphic characteristics of a particular region, “the appropriate amount of raw materials can be used to suit its people, bringing with it a reduction in inventories and savings from using the right fabric and making the right fit.”

– Taneisha Jordan

Source & Photo: WWD

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