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Guess and Gucci fighting, Lands' End might be coming to a close and Tebow Jets jersey are in the center of a feud between Nike and Reebok

Who Gets the ‘G’? – Guess vs. Gucci

Gucci America, the maker of luxury clothing and accessories, told a federal judge that Guess? products infringe Gucci’s trademarked designs. US District Judge Shira Scheindlin yesterday began conducting a trial without a jury on Gucci’s infringement claim in Manhattan.

Gucci, a unit of Paris-based PPR, claims that Los Angeles-based Guess? was selling items in stores and online with logos that are “studied imitations of the Gucci trademarks.” The trademarks include a green-and-red stripe design, a square G, the designer’s name in flowing script and a diamond pattern with repeating interlocking Gs, according t

o court filings. The company claims that $221 million worth of Guess? products infringed Gucci designs.

Guess? said in court papers that Gucci can’t claim infringement because it “sat on its rights” for at least seven years before suing.

Lands’ End on Sale?

Eddie Lampert is cleaning out the closet at Sears, and he’s not feeling sentimental about Lands’ End by quietly been shopping the Dodgeville Wis. mail-order catalog to potential buyers, according to The Post. Lampert inherited Lands’ End when he took control of Sears in 2005 by merging it with Kmart and has approached a handful of private-equity firms as he looks to raise as much as $2 billion in cash, sources said.

Lampert is looking to find a buyer who will license Lands’ End to Sears while pursuing growth elsewhere, possibly in Europe, according to a source. “The idea is that Lands’ End would become something like Tommy Hilfiger,” according to the source, noting that the global brand’s clothing is licensed exclusively to Macy’s in the US.

Nike Restraining Reebok from Tebow
Nike can get restraining orders? Apparently. Rival apparel company Nike won a temporary restraining order barring its competitor Reebokfrom selling New York Jets gear with Tebow’s name on it, Nike spokeswoman Mary Remuzzi said last night. The court order came after Nike, which signed Tebow to an exclusive licensing deal in 2010, sued Reebok for allegedly attempting an end run around that agreement.

According to court papers, Reebok is “in the process of shipping large volumes of Tebow-identified apparel products” that are expected to hit stores this week. “The opportunity to sell the first Tebow-identified Jets apparel is a unique and short-lived opportunity,” the suit says.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source: New York Post
Photo: WWD

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