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April 3, 2012 • Designers, Fashion Blog

Last week iconic fashion designer Norma Kamali launched a new collection of timeless, easy basics available exclusively online and all retailing for under $100.  I have always thought of Norma as a fashion forward designer with broad grasp of basics that are or on-trend for many years and not just a season or two. She is more cutting edge than so many of today’s designers that are half her age. Case in point? Her chic timeless basics made from what I’d consider a  futuristic jersey.

A few weeks ago I was not only able to preview and touch the collection, but I spent a good part of an hour sitting and talking to the designer herself. That’s why I feel like I can comfortably call her Norma. We are on a first-name basis. Anyway, Norma told me KamaliKulture aims to fill a void in the market for affordable, trend-less fashion that caters to how consumers shop today…online. KamaliKulture aims to be very democratic and all-inclusive – ranging from size 0-18, for a timeless style concept, that appeals to everyone. The collection currently includes jersey dresses, suiting, swimwear and even sunglasses, with plans to introduce shoes, sleepwear, and loungewear following in the near future. The designer views this collection as a no-brainer solution in smart shopping, with easy care styles that have a place in every woman’s wardrobe year-round, versus the looming expiration date that “fast fashion” has to offer. Furthermore, Norma Kamali sees the collection as a common thread empowering women to make smart choices, beginning with their wardrobe and as a result their self-image.

KamaliKulture All-in-One-Dress

KamaliKulture Jersey Shirred Sleeveless Dress in Flowerbomb pattern

KamaliKulture Suiting

KamaliKulture Swim

If you remember Norma Kamali launched a similar type of line with WalMart a few years ago. The idea was to create innovative fashion at a great value. She is no longer working with WalMart, but obviously that line was the impetus for this collection. I even bought a few pieces of the collection from her NYC store back when the line launched and I am still wearing them. Especially my treasured black sweatshirt ‘motorcycle’ jacket which I wear to death. Some of the pieces of KamaliKulture are the same (like the All-in-One Dress), but the fabric is of higher quality and the line is much more extensive.

As a recognized pioneer in blending technology and fashion, Norma Kamali offers this collection exclusively online to serve an ever-growing community of women who appreciate the value and efficiency of shopping over the web.

“I’ve decided that, in my career, empowering women should be my goal, and being online is my priority – so KamaliKulture is the birth child of these rules I live by. I’m excited to be able to offer designs that women can feel confident wearing and smart buying. Amazon and Zappos were natural partners, both because they understand my vision for KamaliKulture and because they are able to reach so many consumers.”

So even if you knew Norma in the 80’s she wants you to know she hasn’t gone anywhere! She wants to be back in your closet too. Her style for this new collection is truly all inclusive and if your body has changed over the years from having children or even grandchildren…there is more than one item in this collection you can and should wear. The details on the clothing (especially the suits) is what you would expect to find in an item at least four times the price. That is what surprised me most. Jacket colors were double-sided and the buttons on the sleeves were actually functional and not just there for show. The patterns of some of the jersey were not only wearable, but timeless and the cuts are flattering on most body types.I have to say I was not only impressed, but left wanting four items immateriality! My order has been placed.

A selection from the first collection is available now on as well as both Amazon and Zappos.

Lauren Dimet Waters with Norma Kamali

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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