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April 3, 2012 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Simon Spurr will continue without Simon, Kim France starts a new blog for women and Marc Jacobs getting a makeup line

Simon Spurr Continues

Executives at Simon Spurr are determined to move forward without the label’s namesake designer at the creative helm, in the wake of his surprise exit from the company last month. “We regret Simon’s unfortunate decision to leave the company. The company plans to continue without Simon and is looking towards a bright future as its business continues to mature,” wrote co-founder Judd Nydes in an e-mail to WWD, attributing the statement to the company’s board. “We are very proud of everything that has been achieved since the startup of the company and owe our gratitude to our investors, staff and clients for the phenomenal teamwork in the buildup of the Simon Spurr and Spurr brands.”

Both Spurr and Nydes declined to elaborate on the specific issues that drove the designer to resign on March 16 from the men’s brand he co-founded and helped build into a promising new player in the designer market. However, both made veiled references to disagreements or disputes among the brand’s founders and possibly with Hugo Stenbeck, a key financial backer of the company.

Kim France’s New Blog

Kim France is back to editing, but this time it’s not at a magazine. Today, she launches a blog, Girls of a Certain Age, that is sort of an extension of what she was doing at Lucky. It’s also aimed at a more specific set of women who are in their late 30s and 40s. “I’m 48, but I’m an immature 48,” said France. “There are people in this city who work in creative businesses whose interests are still very youth-ish. They like rock music, looking cool, but they are not kids anymore. They don’t, you know, respond to crotch high skirts on a style blog, no matter how cute they look.”

The blog, with the Web address of (no “s”), leads with a Q&A with former Sassy editor Christina Kelly. Another post offers a “Dating-in-your-40s uniform,” that includes a Grecian-style Helmut Lang top, AG Jeans and a shrunken blazer. The style suggestions are all her own, which is a welcome shift, she said, from formerly having to measure her words because they were part of a magazine brand. “I’m not out to scorch the earth with my opinions, but I do want to think critically about the fashion world,” France said.

She plans to partner with affiliate programs such as Shopzilla and later on, she’ll accept advertising. She also will open the blog up to contributors. But that’s a few months down the road. At this point, she’s focused on finding an audience. “This will have a similar spirit to what I was doing before,” she said. “But more distinct.”

Marc Jacobs Planning Makeup Line

While Marc Jacobs continues to add to his fragrance empire, he has a new beauty project going as well: color cosmetics. Jacobs, who is working with Sephora to do the line, noted that, while it’s in its early days, he’s pleased to delve into the makeup world. “Anything to me that is part of the joy, the ritual, of getting dressed — things that women enjoy like bags, shoes, fragrance, clothes, makeup — that’s what fashion’s about for me,” said Jacobs, during an exclusive interview for his newest scent, Dot, which will be launched by Coty Prestige in July. “I love the opportunity, wherever there is one, to adorn, to decorate, to scent, to dress. That’s what fashion’s all about. It’s not necessary, it’s something you want — it’s a fancy and a whim.”

Jacobs said he had his first meeting for the color line last week. “I see makeup, fragrance — everything, really — as an opportunity. The idea of choosing a color for your lip, or an eyeliner — it’s just such a delight. The ritual of waking up and making those choices is something people really enjoy. We currently are working on defining what Marc Jacobs cosmetics will be, what they’ll say, what makes them distinctive. I think that will take some time, but the first meeting was good.” A target launch date has not yet been identified, Jacobs added.

– Taneisha Jordan

Source & Photo: WWD

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