Legally Yours. Jessica Simpson Accused of Making Louboutin Knock-Offs

April 5, 2012 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog, Legally Yours

Louboutin's "Staratata" shoe (left); Simpson's "Evangela" (right).

Funny that I should be watching Jessica Simpson on this week’s episode of Fashion Star when this little tidbtit of info found it’s way into my lap. As one can plainly see, the billionaire businesswoman, Fashion Star judge, and ever growing mom-to-be may be in a bit of a pickle. Christian Louboutin’s camp has recently flown into a rage over the apparent similarities between one of Simpson’s latest shoe designs, and one of their very own.

Simpson’s hot-pink sandal “Evangela,” was recently pictured in Elle magazine, as part of her much talked about cover story in which she posed very pregnant and nude. Now reps for Louboutin are calling foul, saying the brightly-colored platform heel looks way too much like the Louboutin “Staratata” shoe which sold out after it was released  in 2010.

Louboutin has juts disentangled himself from a long and messy lawsuit over the patent of his signature red soles with YSL and if you don’t recall, he lost. So we’re actually kinda surprised that the French footwear guru would so quick to scramble back to a courtroom. But as we stated earlier, Simpson has about a billion to spare so we say enter at your own risk, Loubie. We’re just tickled by the fact that while the shoes do bear a striking resemblance to each other (to us anyway), Simpson’s style costs roughly 1/10 of the Louboutins at $98 and $995, respectively. Ah, the price of a (non-trademarked) red sole!


-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: NY Mag

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  1. ok, this is realy the same shoe. also the border of the strings is in the same color, the shapes are equal. Heh, this means tht Jessica didnt have any more inspiration 🙂

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