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A mock-up of the future men's Ugg store on Madison Avenue


The New Social Media Policy

Currently Time Inc. is developing social media policies that will address situations such as the controversy at Essence magazine. It was at this publication where managing editor Michael Bullerdick was posting news and images on his Facebook. The editor, who has only had the title since July of 2011, struck a nerve with Essence after posting pictures such as one of Al Sharpton with a comment saying “MSNBC Race Pimp.”

After the picture was placed on Richard Prince’s Journal-isms and Essence was informed about it, Bullerdick was then reassigned to the magazine’s books division. With this information in mind, Time now working with the top editors to help avoid this happening within their publication.

From Fendi to Vuitton: A New President On Louis Vuitton’s Horizon

The current and longtime managing director of the Fendi Group, Phillippe Fortunato, might be making a move to Louis Vuitton’s China division. Sources stated that the previous president, Christopher Zanardi-Landi, could soon be succeeding Pietro Beccari as Vuitton’s vice president for Paris.

Fortunato, while only 46, joined the Fendi brand back in 2004 and for four years prior was the president of the Asia-Pacific division of Christian Dior. Past jobs also include working for the lingerie brand Chantelle along with the the luxury development business for the Chalhoub Group. Although Louis Vuitton officials have not released any news on the matter, the big switch-up could lead to many new beginnings.

The Expansion of the Ugg

The Meatpacking District is going to be seeing suede and fur soon. Ugg, the popular boot brand, is planning on opening their flagship store this fall. Within the three-level building the store will take up 2,500 square feet, joining labels like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. It was stated that the “traffic, customers and contents” attracted people such as Connie Rishwain, Ugg president.

There will also be a Manhattan opening for a 800-square foot men’s store for the summer. This small, new-look location will be right by the current women’s and girls’ store. Ugg also plans on opening four stores within the U.S., 20 outside of the U.S., and expects to continue the pace of new stores next year. Europe and Japan will also get stores, making the Ugg become obtainable even more.

– Lindsay Grundy

Source and Picture: WWD

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